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101 ways to save time with a wiki! #3 Instant Meeting!

10 Sep

Whether its a small team meeting or a huge 1,000 person conference, it’s important to have a specific roadmap to guide your discussion. Having an agenda lets participants know where they’re headed, and keeps everyone on track.

PBwiki is an awesome way to engage all of your attendees and shape the message that both you AND your participants want to discuss.

Here’s how:
1) Create a provisional agenda on a wiki page – posting the the call-in number and meeting time
2) Invite your participants to post their meeting materials and edit agenda items
3) Keep an eye on the edits and make changes when necessary

The Leadership Learning Community is a great example of how a national meeting was developed using PBwiki. Check out there results here.


As you can see the wiki agenda quickly becomes a dynamic, self organizing space where attendees can introduce discussion topics, decide how much time each topic receives and easily edit information as the meeting approaches.

During the meeting the online agenda can serve as a note-taking template, and when the meeting is completed, the notes are instantly available online. Everyone can review the agenda / meeting notes and provide feedback.

Why this saves time:

1) Don’t waste time emailing meeting minutes to people, or answering repetitive questions about discussion points, or dial-in numbers.

2) No need to collect meeting material – they’re on the wiki!

3) Wikis increase buy-in and participation in the meeting by involving the entire team in the planning stages.