Support for both WYSIWYG and WikiStyle editors

Currently, when creating a new wiki on PBwiki, one must choose between ‘Classic Editor’ and the ‘experimental WYSIWYG editor’. Depending on your answer, this enables (or not) our fancy new editor for that wiki. We’ve been receiving a lot of praise for the new editor (thanks guys!) as well as a few questions regarding continuedContinue reading “Support for both WYSIWYG and WikiStyle editors”

Brian Klug joins PBwiki as our javascript guru

We’re so excited to welcome Brian Klug to the PBwiki team! He sold his house and flew to the Bay Area all the way from Virginia. He’ll be working on the WYSIWYG interface immediately, and then some other stuff we have up our sleeve. A little bit about Brian: Brian co-founded MindSay with Adam OstrowContinue reading “Brian Klug joins PBwiki as our javascript guru”