Tip of the Week #12: Identities, part II

I’m a little bit late with this post, but should be back on track this week. Last time, we discussed how to create a PBwiki Identity. Now, we’re gonna take a look at how to best use Identities for two aspects of wiki management, handling multiple wikis with one account and controlling access to aContinue reading “Tip of the Week #12: Identities, part II”

Educators are talking about PBwiki (and check out our videos)

We’ve been getting some flattering comments from educators around the country. Anne Bubnic, who’s with the California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP Region IV), writes about our new PBwiki videos: At CTAP, we love wikis and, in particular, we love PB Wiki. We have so many wikis that we actually had to create a wiki toContinue reading “Educators are talking about PBwiki (and check out our videos)”

PBwiki is now a billion times faster!

OK, not a billion times, but more like 6 times faster than we were a month ago. When we first started out, PBwiki was super-fast because there wasn’t much going on. As we’ve grown two things have happened – first, we’ve added lots of useful features and second, we now have lots more traffic allContinue reading “PBwiki is now a billion times faster!”

Case Study: sfxschool.pbworks.com

St. Francois Xavier Community School is using PBwiki as the school’s website for students, parents, and faculty. It’s been a smooth integration for them with a lot of things learned through the way. John Evans, the administrator of sfxschool.pbworks.com spent sometime with us to go over his experience with PBwiki. PBwiki: What’s sfxschool.pbworks.com about? JohnContinue reading “Case Study: sfxschool.pbworks.com”

Tip of the Week #11: Creating a PBwiki Identity

Last year, PBwiki rolled out a neat new feature called PBwiki Identities. The general idea was that PBwiki users within the system would be treated as individuals rather than being connected to a specific wiki. This way, a user could manage multiple wikis without keeping track of all the passwords (there was also more controlContinue reading “Tip of the Week #11: Creating a PBwiki Identity”

Details from my talk at MACUL in Detroit

I spoke to a room of educators last week in Detroit at the MACUL conference. At first, I was nervous because I didn’t know how many people would attend the talk! But in the end, it turned out to be a lot of fun — and by the end, we had a standing-room-only event! IContinue reading “Details from my talk at MACUL in Detroit”

Whither pagers?

Earlier this week we had a service outage. The proper chain of events would be: 00:00:00 Server problem 00:00:03 Monitor processes notice problem, send page to admin’s phone 00:00:10 Phone rings with new message 00:00:30 Admin logs in to server, fixes problem 00:01:00 Problem resolved But what happened was: 00:00:00 Server problem 00:00:03 Monitor processesContinue reading “Whither pagers?”

PBwiki Presenter Pack

Over the last three months we’ve been offering our users PBwiki presenter packs. If you’re interested in giving a presentation about PBwiki (or Web 2.0 technologies in general) we’d love to ship you our presenter pack. It’s free! The presenter pack includes: A PBwiki shirt. Choose your favorite An easy-to-read PDF overview of PBwiki toContinue reading “PBwiki Presenter Pack”