PBwiki co-founders will be speaking in Palo Alto on Monday, February 4th

This Monday Monday, February 4th, we (the PBwiki co-founders) will be speaking at an SDforum event on PBwiki and entrepreneurship. We’ll talk about how we grew, what the technical/organizational challenges were, and how we spread the word about PBwiki. If you want us to speak about anything in particular, just leave a comment here andContinue reading “PBwiki co-founders will be speaking in Palo Alto on Monday, February 4th”

If at first you don't persuade, try, try again (The Rule of Six)

One of the most important principles of marketing is persistence.  Every marketer I’ve ever worked with has said that a target has to be exposed to your message at least six times before it sinks in. At first, I wasn’t certain if I believed them.  After all, six times seems kind of arbitrary, and IContinue reading “If at first you don't persuade, try, try again (The Rule of Six)”

Putting Customers First

I’m nearing my first two months here at PBwiki and as they say, time flies when you’re having fun! We’ve come a long way since I started: We’ve setup support metrics and begun measuring the team (and the company) wherever possible We’ve added 2 more great people to round out our support team We’ve improvedContinue reading “Putting Customers First”

You Get What You Inspect, Not What You Expect

When I started my first company (long, long ago in a valley not so far away), I learned a valuable lesson from Jim Fitzsimmons, the guy I recruited to be CEO. Jim had experience both as an entrepreneur, and as a corporate manager (he had been assistant controller of all of Pepsico), and he hadContinue reading “You Get What You Inspect, Not What You Expect”

Support Happenings: Satisfaction

As most of you know, we recently locked up our forums and started a new community discussion space here. A number of you emailed me directly asking for more insight into how we made our decision here at PBwiki. So, rather than send out a mass email, here’s the answer: The problems with classic forumsContinue reading “Support Happenings: Satisfaction”

How PBwiki Made My Life Easier

As the new guy at PBwiki, folks often ask me about why I wanted to join the company. (thankfully, not too many ask the logical corollary, “Why would PBwiki want you as an employee?”) Besides the people here, who are great, the biggest reason for me is that I really love the product. Even moreContinue reading “How PBwiki Made My Life Easier”

PBwiki 2.0 Preview: Folders

[See our past Previews of PBwiki 2.0: Page-level access and Overview.] Organizing your wiki becomes important as you add more and more content. In PBwiki 2.0, we’ve improved navigation with better search, improved tagging, and page folders. Today, I’m going to cover page folders in PBwiki 2.0. When it comes to PBwiki organization, there areContinue reading “PBwiki 2.0 Preview: Folders”

How to spot your next (support) hire

We just added two more folks to our support team (Welcome, Casey and Rachel!) and I wanted to talk about the choices we made along the way. We could hire support folks to do one of two things:  Do their job and go home. Do their job exceptionally well, make customers love PBwiki even more andContinue reading “How to spot your next (support) hire”

PBwiki 2.0 Preview: Page-level permissions

[See our past Previews of PBwiki 2.0: Overview] We’ve received hundreds of notes from users who want to control access to specific pages on their wikis. We’re happy to announce that PBwiki 2.0 will include page-level access. Today we’re taking you on a preview tour of how page-level access controls will work. In PBwiki 2.0,Continue reading “PBwiki 2.0 Preview: Page-level permissions”