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May 21 Investigation

25 May

Starting around 12:00 AM Pacific Time on the morning of Saturday, May 21, the PBworks service was down for an extended period of several hours.

This is the longest downtime the service has ever experienced. Fortunately, it occurred on a weekend, but it still inconvenienced many of our customers and users. If you were one of those people, we sincerely apologize.

Our Engineering, Operations, and Support teams worked continuously through the incident to restore service, including resources who traveled onsite to our data center.  Since then, we have been investigating potential causes of the incident so that we can prevent it from happening again.

We know that many of you rely on us on a daily basis, and we pride ourselves on the reliability of PBworks. This fell far short of our standards, and we will keep working to provide the high level of reliability that you’re accustomed to receiving from PBworks.

The PBworks Team