PBwiki helps University of Kansas & Tulane rebuild post-Katrina

Now this is one of those things that makes us feel good. Architecture students from the University of Kansas and Tulane University are working together to help rebuild New Orleans’ 7th Ward. One one year, the project, called “Rebuilding the Seventh” has already grown to encompass nearly 1,000 documents. The professor leading the project, NilsContinue reading “PBwiki helps University of Kansas & Tulane rebuild post-Katrina”

See PBwiki's Newest Features (Webinar 5/20, 10 AM Pacific)

We’ll be showing off some of the new features we’ve added to PBwiki in the past few months since the release of PBwiki 2.0.  These include: Undo button Remove formatting Sortable tables Footnotes Improved lock stealing AJAX tags Notifications 2.0 Comment notifications To sign up for the webinar, click the link below: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/992520148

Sign up before June 1 for a chance at a free lifetime wiki upgrade

(Photo courtesy of PinkCakeBox and Flickr.) PBwiki’s 3rd birthday is coming up on May 31, and to celebrate that happy day, as well as PBwiki hitting the 500,000 wiki mark, we’re giving away free lifetime upgrades to wikis 499,999, 500,000, and 500,001.  Click here for the full announcement. We’ll be announcing the three lucky winnersContinue reading “Sign up before June 1 for a chance at a free lifetime wiki upgrade”

Do wikis make a difference in the way students collaborate?

As more universities adopt web 2.0 technology, administrators want to know exactly how students are using these tool and what benefits they bring. Campus Technology addressed this question in their latest article “Wikis, Blogs, & More, Oh My!’ Here are two different ways Universities are using wikis, and their results: Professor Kane at Boston UniversityContinue reading “Do wikis make a difference in the way students collaborate?”

Getting a "read only" message?

[9:09pm] If you’re getting a “read only” message on your wiki, our engineers are performing unscheduled maintenance and are currently working to restore full wiki access. We estimate restoring full access by 1am PST. Your data is safe. We’ll continue updating this post with the newest developments. If you have any questions, please leave aContinue reading “Getting a "read only" message?”

Use wikis to build your online classroom

Our educators portal has some great examples of teachers actively using wikis to build class networks, improve student learning and encourage open discussion and collaboration. But how did all these teachers get to this point? If you find yourself asking this question, we’re here to help! Tune in to tomorrow’s webinar to find out theContinue reading “Use wikis to build your online classroom”

Free tools to drive adoption of PBwiki within your organization

So you’ve created your first PBwiki.  Now the question is, how do you get the rest of your organization to adopt it? We’re here to help.  Just this week, I held a webinar on “Driving Adoption of PBwiki“.  For an hour, we talked about how you can use the four keys to driving adoption (structure,Continue reading “Free tools to drive adoption of PBwiki within your organization”