New workspace editor live this week

Earlier this month we announced upcoming changes to your workspace editor including, improved formatting, easier bulleting and more accurate pasting from Word. This week the new editor will be rolled out to all remaining users. Thanks to your feedback and lots of hard work by BK2, this update has seriously improved the performance and reliabilityContinue reading “New workspace editor live this week”

Enhancements to your Users Panel

As the list of users on your workspace grows, it can become difficult to locate the user information that you’re looking for. Today we’re pleased to announce a new user panel that makes it easier to locate users.  Instead of searching through many, many pages of names, now you can find the person you want. Continue reading “Enhancements to your Users Panel”

Coming soon – New Editor

At PBworks we keep track of all those support questions and feature requests that we receive from millions of users. Over time we noticed a pattern of frustration.  The number one support request has consistently been, PLEASE FIX YOUR EDITOR! Some of the things that you brought to our attention have been: Bullet points andContinue reading “Coming soon – New Editor”