David Weekly Speaks @ Tec de Monterrey

There are a lot of people, organizations, and governments that are interested in the innovative culture of Silicon Valley as well as PBwiki’s unique structure that focuses on hiring (and listening to) some of the brightest people in the world. We’ve hosted a delegation from the French government in our office, spoken to SwissCom, andContinue reading “David Weekly Speaks @ Tec de Monterrey”

New free feature: Wiki color schemes

Starting today, color schemes on all 2.0 PBwikis are free!     Earlier, color schemes were a Premium feature. But since we’ve heard more and more of you asking to use colors to customize your wikis, we realized it makes sense to offer them to everyone. With the release of the new settings panel, we’reContinue reading “New free feature: Wiki color schemes”

Back To School Blitz: Free Upgrades and Gifts

We’ve just announced two new back to school programs for educators that will let them get free Gold upgrades and other gifts like LEGO sets and up to $1,000 for buying school supplies. Here are the details: Program for Teachers and Librarians PBwiki’s Back To School Challenge (http://www.backtoschoolchallenge.com) allows up to 100,000 individual teachers andContinue reading “Back To School Blitz: Free Upgrades and Gifts”

Introducing the new Settings Panel on all 2.0 wikis

Yesterday, we rolled out a new settings panel for all PBwiki 2.0 wikis, making it easier to control the settings on your wiki. See details about the new settings panel. (Note: Don’t miss out on new features! We’ll be releasing new features for 2.0 wikis, so if you haven’t converted to PBwiki 2.0 yet, pleaseContinue reading “Introducing the new Settings Panel on all 2.0 wikis”

New feature: Classroom accounts for students without email addresses

For the last several months, we’ve been researching and designing a new way to add users to wikis without email addresses — notably, K-8 students. Today, we’re happy to announce a new feature, Classroom Accounts, which will let you add users without email addresses. In consultation with dozens of educators, we’ve created a system thatContinue reading “New feature: Classroom accounts for students without email addresses”

New Feature: Improved Settings Panel

Right now the improved settings panel is being rolled out to all education wikis, all others will see this new setting next week (Aug 18, 2008). Today wiki administrators will see an improved settings panel — with a new interface and easier navigation. The new setting panel has three categories: • Use the ‘Basic Settings‘Continue reading “New Feature: Improved Settings Panel”

New and improved RSS feeds for your 2.0 wiki

We’ve just rolled out improvements to PBwiki RSS feeds. What are RSS feeds? RSS feeds are a great way to stay up-to-date when you have lots of things you’re interested in. You can subscribe to a feed and have new information show up automatically as soon as it’s available. PBwiki has offered RSS feeds forContinue reading “New and improved RSS feeds for your 2.0 wiki”