Transition your 1.0 wiki to a PBwiki 2.0

We’ve received tons of emails from beta users requesting to transfer their 1.0 wikis to the new PBwiki 2.0. We’ve already invited a limited number people to transition their wiki, and we’re excited to allow a few more users the opportunity to transfer to a PBwiki 2.0. When you transition you will be able toContinue reading “Transition your 1.0 wiki to a PBwiki 2.0”

The Foolproof 5-Step Way To Answer Tough Questions

I was having lunch yesterday with some friends, when the subject turned to questions and answers.  My friend had attended a conference panel, and complained that the panelists all failed to adequately answer her question. (In defense of those panelists, the question was a difficult one without a clear right answer.) I proceeded to answerContinue reading “The Foolproof 5-Step Way To Answer Tough Questions”

Is your customer service team doing enough?

 I was reading an interesting article today that got me thinking about customer service: An industry rule of thumb is that a bug which costs $1 to fix on the programmer’s desktop costs $100 to fix once it is incorporated into a build, and thousands of dollars if it is identified only after the softwareContinue reading “Is your customer service team doing enough?”

Thank you — PBwiki 2.0 Beta Users

Over the past couple weeks our users have been hard at work testing all the great new features in PBwiki 2.0. We’ve received a ton of positive feedback – “I find the UI to be something that both engineers and graphic designers would love.” “Well done folks, even more straight forward than your ‘Point andContinue reading “Thank you — PBwiki 2.0 Beta Users”

Terms of Service: We Got Your Back

When I was putting together PBwiki’s Terms of Service a few years ago, I spent extra time with our lawyers to make sure that it was as pro-user as possible. The first few versions I got back weren’t good enough and I pressed them to make it shorter, simpler, and to put more rights inContinue reading “Terms of Service: We Got Your Back”

Key Challenge facing Customer Service Executives

Organizations of all sizes share one common problem: cohesiveness The decision making has become highly fragmented – from marketing, to sales, to engineering, to services and so on. This makes sense from an internal perspective because we need to measure individual efficiency and productivity – we’ve been running this way since the first assembly lineContinue reading “Key Challenge facing Customer Service Executives”