Improved “Create Page” and User Profile Experience

Not every change we make at PBworks is a big one.  Sometimes, we just want to make incremental improvements. This week, we release two enhancements that improve the overall polish and experience of the business product. First, we improved the “Create Page” experience.  Previously, clicking the “Create Page” button brought you to a separate webContinue reading “Improved “Create Page” and User Profile Experience”

Phasing Out the 30Boxes Plugin (June 30, 2012)

30Boxes was one of the first plugins we added to PBworks back when the service was still called PBwiki.  This simple calendaring application let our users add a shared calendar to any workspace, and to have that calendar show up on multiple pages.  And while 30Boxes has never been used by most of our users,Continue reading “Phasing Out the 30Boxes Plugin (June 30, 2012)”