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Driving adoption of your PBwiki (5-minute video)

24 Oct

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to drive adoption of your PBwiki in your organization.

Below, I’m including a 5-minute video on tips for successful adoption, plus some new tools we’ve created to make it easy for you to share PBwiki with your co-workers, students, or friends.

Wiki Adoption from PBwikiWebinars on Vimeo.

Video Shortcuts

0:22 — What to expect when you deploy your wiki

0:58 — Three Steps to Success
– Starting with a core team
– Put yourself in your users’ shoes
– Weave your wiki into others’ workflow

1:14 — Go bottom up and horizontal!

1:26 — Wiki adoption patterns: Top down, bottom-up, sideways

1:38 — Avoid Blank Page Syndrome

1:44 — The biggest determinant of wiki Success

2:00 — Make logging in easier

2:16 — Keep using your wiki for various purposes (not just a one-time event)

2:45 — Gentle onboarding: How to help new users get used to your wiki

3:20 — Weave wikis into workflow

4:16 — Other tactics to drive adoption of your wiki (include your wiki in your signature, “This should be on our PBwiki” stickers)

5:00 — Create editing cycles so users don’t hit a brick wall

Need more resources? The best place to learn more about driving adoption is our Driving Adoption wiki, which includes detailed tips and tricks, presentations, and case studies for integrating PBwiki into your organization.

One of our most creative PBwiki Presenters!

15 May

Cindy Lane, an instructional technologist, recently presented at an educational event about PBwiki using our Presenter Packs. Her giveaway was one of the most creative we’ve seen!

Yesterday was my pbwiki event…Half of my teachers had actually gone on and logged in and had contributed to the wiki, so I pulled them up front, gave them each TWO packages of 100 calorie peanut butter cookies and told them to find a teacher that had NOT logged on and teach them how, (and give them a package of cookies).

The big prize (peanut butter stuffed pretzels) went to the first person who had logged on, the Project Peanut Butter rubber bracelet went to the last person that logged on…and the three gold wiki keys (coming my way soon I hope!) went to the first two teachers that emailed me (both did this within the following 2 minutes).

Thanks for taking care of my teachers…as you can see, I love ’em too!! and P B W I K I !!!

Cindy even included a video for her educators:

To get your own PBwiki Presenter Pack (including a free t-shirt, white papers to give to your audience, and 3 free Gold wikis to give away–click here.

Who's using PBwiki? (Part 1)

11 Jan
Check this out: one of our PBwiki users.
A PBwiki user
We’re always thrilled when we see pictures of actual people who are using PBwiki. It makes our day! So stay tuned for more pictures of real PBwiki users. To be featured here, email! One lucky person will win a free lifetime Platinum wiki.

For Educators: Q&A on PBwiki

10 Jan

Here’s a special 2-page PDF that answers basic questions about PBwiki, specifically for educators. Some questions answered:

  • What’s the difference between a wiki and a blog?
  • Who controls the content?
  • Is it easy to use? What about safety?
  • What are examples of successful educational wikis?

This might be perfect if your IT administrator or principal has been wondering exactly what a wiki is. Ask them to read these quick 2 pages!

Read the PDF here: Q&A about PBwiki

Introducing the PBwiki Library

10 Jan

The PBwiki Library is an ever-growing collection of resources about PBwiki that we’re launching today. If you’ve been looking for a PDF to give to your co-workers outlining exactly how PBwiki works, you’ll find it here. We’ll also include wiki case studies, videos, and more. If there’s something that would make your life easier, please let us know!