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PBworks Back Online

28 Oct

PBworks is operating normally.

Unexpected maintenance issues

27 Oct

Unexpected problems occurred during data center maintenance; we’re aware that PBworks is down and are working to bring it back online.

PBworks is hiring!

2 Sep

Hello, all you PBworksians!  Have you ever wanted to be part of the incredible team here that is changing the way people work?  If you or anyone you know would like to be our new Cluster Operations Manager, please email us today!  The full posting is in our job section, but here’s the run down: PBworks runs dozens of servers to keep your workspaces humming.  The new hire will tend to those servers and the software they run like a patient gardener, taking care of weeds as the spring up, cultivating new plants as our company continues to grow.

Cluster operations is a unique job: a combination of fast paced problem solving, and taking thoughtful, proactive steps to make sure emergencies don’t happen.  Like Bender learned in his trip through space, “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”

Learn more and apply today!

Changes to the Toolbar – New Insert Menu

9 Jul

This week we simplified the toolbar and made changes to they way you can add plugins, horizontal lines and tasks.

Now instead of surfing through a confusing menu of plugin options (hey, what’s a plugin!), you can now quickly chose from the most highly used options. Additionally, for Business Edition users, we’ve now made it super easy for you to insert tasks on your workspace pages.

We’re also introducing a new way to add links on your workspace pages. You no longer have to chose what your linking to (URL, wiki page, file), instead just begin to type and PBworks will offer a list of existing  pages and files on your workspace.

For Business Edition users, you can now easily link between multiple workspaces.

Tell us what you think of these changes, leave a comment!

New Feature: Drag and Drop File Uploads

29 Jun

PBworks is excited to be the first online editor capable of instant drag and drop file upload and image insertion.  Now you can choose any file from your desktop and drag it into PBworks for instant upload. This feature only works on the latest version Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Drag files from your desktop to the pages and files section of your workspace.  Your files will be automatically uploaded to your workspace.

You can also instantly upload files while your in edit mode.  While you’re editing, drag any file to your page.  Your files will be uploaded and inserted in your page.

Watch this short video to learn more:

Third Annual Summer Camp- Limited Enrollment

1 Jun

06/14/10 – Camp is closed!


It’s time for the 3rd annual PBworks Summer Camp —  the ultimate way for educators to learn how to use wikis in their school. Summer Camp participants will learn the ins and outs of using PBworks, including how to build a secure student-led site, the best way to integrate wikis with existing lesson plans and using interactive media to engage your audience.

This free training program will last four weeks from June 21nd to July 20st 2010. Camp is run by PBworks with help from experienced mentors from all over the world who support campers and share tips along the way.

Each week there will be a specific lesson on how to use your wiki. You will receive an email every Monday with a video, a lesson,  and with links to the homework, examples and more. Campers must review the video, do your homework and meet with us on Tuesday or Wednesday for a virtual presentation.

At the end of the session, Campers who have followed the program receive a free premium classroom wiki for the school year and valuable lessons along the way!

100,000 Support Requests & Improvements

12 May

After a flurry of large projects – user groups, nested folders, and whole new editor – we’ve spent some time making sure these features worked really well. This included reviewing feedback and making a lot of small changes. Here are some changes that you asked for and we delivered.

Collapsible nested folders – When we released nested folders, each folder still showed up under “Pages & Files”.  Now you can collapse folders, so you only view the top level folders.

Images using the new editor: Images now have the option to add padding. Right click on an image, choose properties to add space around your image and text.

User panel – Now when someone requests access to your workspace, you are notified with a help bubble.

In other news, our PBworks support team received their 100,000th support ticket from Brandy C. This is what it looked like:

Subject: I have feedback about Nested Folders.

Yea!! This is GREAT! One of the frustrating features was the inability to nest folders! Now I can create folders for different levels/ classes and then nest folders for each project! Thank You!

We love feedback! Please continue to let us know what you want to see, and we’ll try our best to make it happen.

What will you choose?

11 May

HINT:  Choose the Cloud

Create user groups and quickly set page security

7 May

Earlier this year we surveyed the top 100 educators on PBworks and asked them how we could make their workspace even better. The number one request was USER GROUPS!  Specifically people wanted to easily add the same group of users to a page or folder and make it easier to set page security.

dianemain:  I currently have my students change their display names to include graduation year and to take out full last names (so, for example, Joe Student graduating this year would become “2010 Joe S.”).

It would be great if I could put them into groups and then be able to add or remove groups of students to/from a folder instead of having to add/remove them all manually at the start and end of the school year.

Well – we listened!  Today we’re pleased to announce that all premium workspaces can create user groups.

Premium workspaces have custom security.  This allows them share pages with specific users, and hide that content from all other users.  Now you can assign page and folder-level access using the groups that you create. Here’s how:

First, place each user in a group.

Next, add the user group to set page-level access.

This feature rounds out our improvements to the user panel – now all premium workspaces can easily add groups of users to pages, and with the recent security improvements, immediately know what your users can see, and edit.

Coming Soon – Nested Folders

13 Apr

We’re pleased to announce that all users of PBworks will soon have access to nested folders. This means that soon you will be able to place a folder inside of another folder.

This has been one the the top requests from users and we’re excited to release this feature to our entire user base  – including free users!

The PBworks Security Model

Nested Folders is deceptively simple feature, particularly with premium workspaces that have folder level permissions.

Placing a folder inside a parent folder works exactly the same as placing a page inside a folder.  If a folder has no security controls, it will adopt the security controls on the ‘parent’ folder. If the folder has specific security controls, they will override those set by the ‘parent’ folder.

As always, the more specific security controls override those more general controls.

Learn more about PBworks Nested Folders and Folder Security.