New "What is PBwiki doing" page with realtime updates

[Edit: We removed this after trying it out for a few weeks!] Now you can follow the daily activities of the PBwiki crew – realtime! PBwiki makes fairly heavy use of IM already, so we built an IM bot that forwards certain messages to our newest wiki page. This means the page will receive tonsContinue reading “New "What is PBwiki doing" page with realtime updates”

Mike Bulajewski joins PBwiki as a UI engineer — welcome!

We’re thrilled to welcome Mike Bulajewski to the PBwiki family as a UI engineer: Mike couldn’t decide if he wanted to create intuitive and beautiful designs, or write web applications that work, so he he came to PBwiki to do both. Mike brings skills in visual design, a love for intuitive interfaces, and the technicalContinue reading “Mike Bulajewski joins PBwiki as a UI engineer — welcome!”

Statshot — PBwiki by the numbers

I’ve been running some internal stats on the various activity levels across the PBwiki landscape. This set of numbers breaks categories down by volume of activity rather than unique users. How much activity on private versus public wikis? Around 2/3 of our activity is on private wikis. Takeaway: Our users have found lots of usesContinue reading “Statshot — PBwiki by the numbers”