Now you can edit PBworks wiki pages on your iPad or iPhone

While PBworks has always been accessible on your smartphone or tablet, until recently, the built-in browser on iPads and iPhones didn’t allow rich text web editing. The good news is that browser technology has now advanced to the point where rich text editors like our wiki page editor will now work on iOS devices.  AsContinue reading “Now you can edit PBworks wiki pages on your iPad or iPhone”

Phasing Out the 30Boxes Plugin (June 30, 2012)

30Boxes was one of the first plugins we added to PBworks back when the service was still called PBwiki.  This simple calendaring application let our users add a shared calendar to any workspace, and to have that calendar show up on multiple pages.  And while 30Boxes has never been used by most of our users,Continue reading “Phasing Out the 30Boxes Plugin (June 30, 2012)”

Pages & Files: Now 50% More Efficient

We’ve just rolled out a major improvement to all our users, both paid and free. One of the important elements of PBworks is the ability to organize wiki pages, files, and folders in our Pages & Files manager.  This screen includes a lot of neat capabilities, like being able to drag and drop items betweenContinue reading “Pages & Files: Now 50% More Efficient”

Create user groups and quickly set page security

Earlier this year we surveyed the top 100 educators on PBworks and asked them how we could make their workspace even better. The number one request was USER GROUPS!  Specifically people wanted to easily add the same group of users to a page or folder and make it easier to set page security. dianemain:  IContinue reading “Create user groups and quickly set page security”

Huge Security Improvements for Premium Workspaces

We are pleased to release a set of improvements that will make it much easier to understand what your users can see, and edit. On basic workspaces all creators have to option to add users, and set workspace-wide permission.  This means that you can add an editor to your workspace, and that editor can makeContinue reading “Huge Security Improvements for Premium Workspaces”

New workspace editor live this week

Earlier this month we announced upcoming changes to your workspace editor including, improved formatting, easier bulleting and more accurate pasting from Word. This week the new editor will be rolled out to all remaining users. Thanks to your feedback and lots of hard work by BK2, this update has seriously improved the performance and reliabilityContinue reading “New workspace editor live this week”