Plan Your Next Event with PBworks

Mashable has a great little piece on how to plan and promote your next event with social media.  I particularly liked this paragraph: “PBworks: The wiki is an ideal platform for planning events – it’s easy to add notes, edit information, and organize content. Both mediawiki (the software that runs Wikipedia) and PBworks (formerly PBwiki)Continue reading “Plan Your Next Event with PBworks”

Tip of the week: Restrict access to your documents

Since we released the new document management features we’ve seen a huge spike in the number of files that people upload to their wiki. Now people want to know how to set custom security on these files – specifically how to share a document with just a few users but not everyone on the wiki.Continue reading “Tip of the week: Restrict access to your documents”

Tip of the Week – Cut down on notification noise with RSS

PBwiki notifications are a great way to stay up-to date on every page of your wiki. However as you wiki grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to see through all those edits and locate what’s important to you. Cut down that noise with a per page RSS feed. By subscribing to a page RSS feed, youContinue reading “Tip of the Week – Cut down on notification noise with RSS”

Tip of the Week – Customize your free wiki

Chris the Teacher asked us how we can help make his free wiki look more appealing to his students. Even a free wiki can be modified to fit in with your classroom or organization. Here are two tips I gave Chris on how to customize a free wiki. This is my tip of the week.Continue reading “Tip of the Week – Customize your free wiki”

Tip of the Week: Don't recreate your wiki pages – use templates!

We’re bringing back PBwiki ‘Tip of the Week’ series, now in user friendly video format! Find out how we’re using our internal business wiki to collaborate, share information and keep our growing team on one page. Here’s how to avoid writing the same information over and over — use a template! of the weekContinue reading “Tip of the Week: Don't recreate your wiki pages – use templates!”

Can PBwiki Help You Get A Job?

eWeek suggests that publishing information on your wiki may help techies in the job search: Like the Academia from which the industry sprung, career Techies have long sought publishing – professional journals, trade publications, books – as a means to push their process, tout their technique and promote their name. The concept has never beenContinue reading “Can PBwiki Help You Get A Job?”

The Foolproof 5-Step Way To Answer Tough Questions

I was having lunch yesterday with some friends, when the subject turned to questions and answers.  My friend had attended a conference panel, and complained that the panelists all failed to adequately answer her question. (In defense of those panelists, the question was a difficult one without a clear right answer.) I proceeded to answerContinue reading “The Foolproof 5-Step Way To Answer Tough Questions”

PBwiki in Fortune Small Business / Tips On Driving Adoption

Fortune Small Business just wrote a nice article about how Lee Rosen of Rosen Law used his creativity to drive adoption of his PBwiki. Rosen offered a $1,000 cash prize to his 32 employees–for every page they created on the wiki, they earned a possible combination to the company safe (which contained the aforementioned $1,000). Continue reading “PBwiki in Fortune Small Business / Tips On Driving Adoption”

101 ways to save time with a wiki! #3 Instant Meeting!

Whether its a small team meeting or a huge 1,000 person conference, it’s important to have a specific roadmap to guide your discussion. Having an agenda lets participants know where they’re headed, and keeps everyone on track. PBwiki is an awesome way to engage all of your attendees and shape the message that both youContinue reading “101 ways to save time with a wiki! #3 Instant Meeting!”