One for the History Books

PBwiki is going down in history. Namely, PBwiki will be included in a book tentatively titled, “The Teacher’s Guide to Teaching History with Technology: A Handbook for Teachers, by Teachers” by Justin Reich and Tom Daccord of the Center for Teaching History with Technology. The book, to be published by M.E. Sharpe, has an anticipatedContinue reading “One for the History Books”

Curious about PBwiki privacy and security?

We’ve had a few people e-mail us with questions regarding the privacy and security of PBwiki. Is PBwiki secure? Is it managed by a 3rd party? Are PBwiki servers sitting in some guys living room or running at an appropriate colocation center? In an e-mail written to one of our users, our master chief, DavidContinue reading “Curious about PBwiki privacy and security?”

Tip of the Week #17: URL Parameters and You

Sometimes you might be inclined to look at your address bar and wonder what PBwiki is up to. What’s all this “?edit=1” and “?raw=1” nonsense you see hanging off the end of your wiki names? More importantly, can YOU do anything interesting with them? Well, of course the answer is yes, they can be usefulContinue reading “Tip of the Week #17: URL Parameters and You”

United Nations and PBwiki Partner to Provide Global Platform for Corporate Responsibility

PBwiki’s mascot, Peebers the Unstoppable Robot of Collaboration (SM), is clanking his way through the august halls of the United Nations today, pressing the flesh and helping to create global corporate accord. The UN’s Global Compact is devoted to creating an opt-in organization for corporations who wish to be good citizens. The Global Compact isContinue reading “United Nations and PBwiki Partner to Provide Global Platform for Corporate Responsibility”

Tip of the Week #16: Beginner's Q & A

As PBwiki becomes a more unified and simple-to-use product, it naturally grows outside of the scope of tech-junkies and computer-geeks, creating a target audience that includes everyone from SUPAH L33T TECHNO-DWEEB’s like me to somebody’s grandma trying to share her latest knitted masterpiece. Therefore, today I address five of the beginner questions I’ve seen mostContinue reading “Tip of the Week #16: Beginner's Q & A”

KILL! CRUSH! DESTROY! (or, Help me reach out to the media)

I don’t need to tell you that PBwiki is a giant robot, clanking through the forelorn alleys and lonely highways of the world, shooting lasers out of its eyes and sizzling the Ignorant. That’s because you helped to build PBwiki and you know it to be a Thing of Collaborationâ„¢. I do have to tellContinue reading “KILL! CRUSH! DESTROY! (or, Help me reach out to the media)”

New feature: Autosave

Attention students: You now have one less excuse to use — “the wiki ate my homework” line is now history! When working on a document in our Point-and-Click editor, we’ll automatically save a draft every 3 minutes. If your laptop runs out of battery, your cat closes your browser, or your new copy of WindowsContinue reading “New feature: Autosave”