Plan Your Next Event with PBworks

Mashable has a great little piece on how to plan and promote your next event with social media.  I particularly liked this paragraph: “PBworks: The wiki is an ideal platform for planning events – it’s easy to add notes, edit information, and organize content. Both mediawiki (the software that runs Wikipedia) and PBworks (formerly PBwiki)Continue reading “Plan Your Next Event with PBworks”

PBwiki is now PBworks

The beginning Back in early 2005, I was helping a number of folks out by setting up private wiki installations on my servers. I got tired of setting each wiki up by hand and had a vision for a simple wiki service that people could set up themselves. In fact, I’d make it as easy to makeContinue reading “PBwiki is now PBworks”

Official Announcement – We're changing our name!

When PBwiki launched in 2005, our founder David was excited to build a fast and easy way to create a wiki. He even named the company PBwiki – because starting your own wiki was ‘as easy as making a Peanut Butter sandwich’. In fact, it’s still easy to use our product, and you can definitelyContinue reading “Official Announcement – We're changing our name!”

The Spirit of Flowerdale

You’ve probably heard me focus relentlessly on my core message that PBwiki helps teams become more productive and profitable.  But while my job (VP Enterprise Marketing) requires me to focus on helping paying customer, it is quite wonderful to hear stories about PBwiki making a difference in a non-monetary way. When devastating wildfires struck AustraliaContinue reading “The Spirit of Flowerdale”

PBwiki Single Sign-On 3.0

We’ve recently released the third generation of our single sign-on capability, which represents a significant increase in functionality. Previous generations of PBwiki’s single sign-on let you authenticate people from a particular domain; in other words, if I ran an authentication server for, I could allow other people with identities to log into myContinue reading “PBwiki Single Sign-On 3.0”