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View Tasks And Milestones By Month

27 Jan

Ever since we introduced Tasks and Milestones, one of the most popular requests has been a calendar view of those tasks and milestones.

Sure, we allowed you to view by date, and even to integrate tasks and milestones into your Outlook calendar, but there’s simply something appealing about being able to see tasks and milestones laid out in the traditional weekly view.

That’s why the latest release of our business products includes the ability to group tasks by month:

Month View Outline

As with the other task and milestone views, you can filter based on to whom the tasks are assigned, and you can also choose to hide completed tasks.

The new monthly view is available immediately to all our business customers.

Announcing Amazon S3 Export

13 Jan

Amazon S3 Export lets you export your PBworks content to your own Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) account.  You can use S3 Export as an easy way to back up your PBworks network.  You can even set up scheduled backups on a daily basis, and we’ll only export incremental changes.

PBworks already backs up all your data, both within our data center and via offsite backup, but if you like having your own separate backup, Amazon S3 Export is the easiest way to go.

Amazon S3 Export is free for all customers using Business Edition and above, but you will need to pay for your own S3 account.  You can read up on the details in our user manual.

Introducing Image Cropping

10 Jan

One popular feature in PBworks is the ability to embed images on wiki pages.  But what happens if you you only want to show part of an image?  This is pretty common, and most people don’t feel comfortable using tools like Photoshop to modify their images.

That’s why we’ve added the ability to “crop” images to PBworks.  Once you’ve uploaded your image, you can use PBworks to trim away the portions of the image you consider unnecessary.

Here’s how it works:

Once you add an image to a wiki page in “Edit” mode, right click and select “Crop Image”

This should bring up a special cropping window where you can drag the cropping selection until you’ve highlighted the part of the image you want to save:

When you click “Crop and Save,” PBworks will crop the image and save the trimmed down image as a new version and return you to the standard Edit window:

You can always access the old version by visiting the File History for that file:

Image cropping is available to all PBworks users of all product editions, paid and free.

Network Upgrade Window, Jan 5th 8-10 PM Pacific

5 Jan

Tonight, we’ll be upgrading our datacenter’s network connection to improve overall performance.  We expect the service to be unavailable for up to 20 minutes, sometime between 8-10 PM Pacific on January 5th, (11 PM-1 AM Eastern; 4-6 AM GMT/UTC on January 6).

Many customers will find PBworks even faster than before, especially for users who have fast Internet connections and re performing large file uploads and downloads.