View Tasks And Milestones By Month

Ever since we introduced Tasks and Milestones, one of the most popular requests has been a calendar view of those tasks and milestones. Sure, we allowed you to view by date, and even to integrate tasks and milestones into your Outlook calendar, but there’s simply something appealing about being able to see tasks and milestonesContinue reading “View Tasks And Milestones By Month”

Announcing Amazon S3 Export

Amazon S3 Export lets you export your PBworks content to your own Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) account.  You can use S3 Export as an easy way to back up your PBworks network.  You can even set up scheduled backups on a daily basis, and we’ll only export incremental changes. PBworks already backs up allContinue reading “Announcing Amazon S3 Export”

Network Upgrade Window, Jan 5th 8-10 PM Pacific

Tonight, we’ll be upgrading our datacenter’s network connection to improve overall performance.  We expect the service to be unavailable for up to 20 minutes, sometime between 8-10 PM Pacific on January 5th, (11 PM-1 AM Eastern; 4-6 AM GMT/UTC on January 6). Many customers will find PBworks even faster than before, especially for users whoContinue reading “Network Upgrade Window, Jan 5th 8-10 PM Pacific”