New feature: Autosave

Attention students: You now have one less excuse to use — “the wiki ate my homework” line is now history! When working on a document in our Point-and-Click editor, we’ll automatically save a draft every 3 minutes. If your laptop runs out of battery, your cat closes your browser, or your new copy of WindowsContinue reading “New feature: Autosave”

Case Study:

Joan from JNthWeb Consulting (jnthweb) was kind enough to spend the time to participate in our most recent PBwiki case study. You can read her bio here ( PBwiki: Why’d you choose PBwiki? Joan Vinall-Cox: I choose PBwiki because it was visually attractive. I saw a PBwiki being used by, I think it was, ChrisContinue reading “Case Study:”

Point-and-Click editing is here!

Note: Scroll down for the video! A lot of you have been asking for an easier way to edit your wiki – we’ve listened and we’ve acted – Our new Point-and-Click editor went live to all of PBwiki earlier this morning. What is Point-and-Click? Point-and-Click is our new editor that allows the collaborators of yourContinue reading “Point-and-Click editing is here!”

Tip of the Week #7: Point-and-Click Editor, part 1

The Point-and-Click editor has received mostly positive feedback since it was unveiled, but of course with all new things, there are some growing pains, both in terms of technical work (bugs) and users’ comfort with the new system. To aid in this cause, I’m offering a two part series on how to get the mostContinue reading “Tip of the Week #7: Point-and-Click Editor, part 1”

PBwiki upgrades its Point-and-click editor

We just launched the newest version of our Point-and-Click editor (formerly, our WYSIWYG editor) tonight. There are quite a few specific changes listed below, but there are also a number of other subtle changes which may lead you to think the editor “just works betterâ€? now. Due to popular demand, we’ve added a strikethrough buttonContinue reading “PBwiki upgrades its Point-and-click editor”