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New: “Sticky Notifications”

4 Nov

Notifications are a great way to stay on top of your work.  It’s great to find out when others have made changes to the content you care about.  But that’s the rub–how can PBworks know what content you care about?

Originally, PBworks simply notified you about every change on every workspace you belonged to.  But as our customers grew in size and activity levels, this became overwhelming.

Then, we shifted to our current digest-style notification emails.  But these emails didn’t account for the things you considered really, really important.  So we upgraded our starring system so that you could star both pages and files, and so that you received immediate notifications about changes to starred content.

But it’s tough to remember to star everything you find interesting.  A good product gives you the ability to get what you want.  A great product gives you what you want without your asking.

That’s the principle behind what we’ve called “sticky notifications.”  What this means is that whenever you upload a file, edit a page, or comment on a page or file, we know that you consider it important, even if you didn’t remember to manually star it.  We’re now tracking the items you touch, and automatically sending you notifications when other people make changes after you.  This is similar to the way you get notifications when people update a Facebook thread you’ve commented on.

If for some reason you don’t like them, don’t worry.  Each individual user gets to choose whether or not to receive them

For more details, visit our user manual.