What do you do when a giant encroaches on your territory?

This week, Box held its annual conference, BoxWorks 13.  The online storage leader made two big announcements about products it intends to launch in 2014. Box Notes are editable web pages, which users can write, edit, comment on, and embed content within.  Sound familiar? Box also announced that it will be adding metadata to files,Continue reading “What do you do when a giant encroaches on your territory?”

The PBworks Status Page

Are you experiencing difficulties accessing PBworks, and wondering if it’s a local problem, or a system-wide issue? Find out the answer on our status page. When issues arise, the status page is the quickest way to get our official take on what’s happening. Most of the time, the status will be Normal.  But if itContinue reading “The PBworks Status Page”

Last Chance For Free Passes To Enterprise 2.0

Each year, we attend the Enterprise 2.0 conference.  Attending helps give us new ideas for the product, as well as helping spread the word about PBworks. This year, the conference has a special promotion–if we get 80 people to sign up for a free EXPO pass to the show (June 20-23 in Boston), they’ll giveContinue reading “Last Chance For Free Passes To Enterprise 2.0”

A/B Testing at PBworks

At PBworks, we take our data seriously.  So it should be no surprise to learn that we use A/B testing techniques to aid our product and website development decisions.  Having a web-based product means that we can quickly learn what our customers like and what they don’t like and make changes accordingly.  If you’re notContinue reading “A/B Testing at PBworks”

Get unlimited wikis and users for your school district with District EditionN

PBworks District Edition gives each K-12 school district that signs up an *unlimited* number of wiki workspaces and users. Now you can share PBworks with every single student, teacher, administrator, parent, and yes, janitor in your school district.

PBwiki is now PBworks

The beginning Back in early 2005, I was helping a number of folks out by setting up private wiki installations on my servers. I got tired of setting each wiki up by hand and had a vision for a simple wiki service that people could set up themselves. In fact, I’d make it as easy to makeContinue reading “PBwiki is now PBworks”

See David Weekly at the SDForum Cloud Computing Conference

Are you a cloud computing user?  If you use PBwiki, you are. Not only is PBwiki a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, but we also run significant portions of our infrastructure “in the cloud.” If you’re interested in cloud computing, or in how PBwiki uses cloud computing to lower its costs and deliver better service, check outContinue reading “See David Weekly at the SDForum Cloud Computing Conference”

Post Your PBwiki In The New Public PBwiki Directory

Are you ready for your closeup? Our new Public PBwiki Directory (www.publicpbwikis.com) lets folks find examples of public PBwikis in all categories.  For example, here’s a list of public PBwikis that are official PBwiki resources. It’s completely voluntary (you don’t have to submit your site if you don’t want to), but if you’re proud ofContinue reading “Post Your PBwiki In The New Public PBwiki Directory”