Tip of the Week #5: Simple Styles for Everyone!

Because the last tip was only really useful to Classic wiki users, I’ve pushed up the next tip on CSS styles to this week. Enjoy! A lot of gibberish gets thrown around by some of the advanced PBwiki users, particularly those with experience in web design, including HTML (HyperText Markup Language), the code that makesContinue reading “Tip of the Week #5: Simple Styles for Everyone!”

PBwiki upgrades its Point-and-click editor

We just launched the newest version of our Point-and-Click editor (formerly, our WYSIWYG editor) tonight. There are quite a few specific changes listed below, but there are also a number of other subtle changes which may lead you to think the editor “just works betterâ€? now. Due to popular demand, we’ve added a strikethrough buttonContinue reading “PBwiki upgrades its Point-and-click editor”

Tip of the Week #4: More Plugins

Last week, we took an indepth look at the new plugins used by the Point-and-Click editor and how you could incorporate that same functionality if you wanted to stick with the WikiStyle editor. We saw that by adapting the code that was generated by the Point-and-Click editor, we could borrow many of the available plugins.Continue reading “Tip of the Week #4: More Plugins”

Hot and heavy – rackmount servers and thermal management

We’ve been bringing up a number of new servers at the San Francisco data center. We’ve got some great Core2Duo machines which draw between 0.75A and 1.10A but have pretty substantial horsepower. So far so good, and almost all of the machines went in happy and stayed that way. An interesting aspect of hosting serversContinue reading “Hot and heavy – rackmount servers and thermal management”

PDF export improvements coming along

Lots of people have requested an enhanced PDF export capability — our new team member Igor has been doing some great work adding features to this little gem of a feature. Top priorities for us are: 1) proper unicode support (for all those wacky citizens of the world) 2) proper handling of lists, especially nestedContinue reading “PDF export improvements coming along”

Tip of the Week #3: Plugins for your "classic" WikiStyle wiki

PBwiki has now unveiled the new Point-And-Click editor, and it’s coming along nicely. Although there are still a few formatting snags, I have yet to see a web-based rich-text editor not go through a few growing pains (I’m still mad enough at WordPress’s editor for eating up my code last time that I wrote thisContinue reading “Tip of the Week #3: Plugins for your "classic" WikiStyle wiki”

Case study: clipclip.pbworks.com

I interviewed Chih-Chao Lam, who runs clipclip.pbworks.com, to understand how his team uses the wiki — and how they got it to look so beautiful. How do you use clipclip.pbworks.com? Initially, we wanted to get user feedback. But mostly, it’s for internal use now to get everyone on the same page, to get product plans,Continue reading “Case study: clipclip.pbworks.com”

Tip of the Week #2: Wikilet Tips from the Masters!

Addition: 9:44pm, January 9, 2007 I address some of the changes to the wikilets below (click here). Wikilets, or PBwiki pages embedded in other webpages (PBwiki or otherwise), have been around for a while, and although the feature has yet to go past the “alphaâ€? phase, it’s become a pretty ingrained part of PBwiki editing.Continue reading “Tip of the Week #2: Wikilet Tips from the Masters!”

Tip of the Week #1: Five Ways to Manage Your Wiki Better

(This is it folks, the inaugural edition of my PBwiki Tip of the Week. Most people know me better as “vietmusic” of the PBwiki Forums, where I offer advice on WikiStyle syntax, CSS, Javascript, and how to pick up hot dates. After today, expect regular updates every Monday!) Wikis are about collaboration, which doesn’t workContinue reading “Tip of the Week #1: Five Ways to Manage Your Wiki Better”