Archive | July, 2011

The PBworks Status Page

25 Jul

Are you experiencing difficulties accessing PBworks, and wondering if it’s a local problem, or a system-wide issue?

Find out the answer on our status page.

When issues arise, the status page is the quickest way to get our official take on what’s happening.

Most of the time, the status will be Normal.  But if it isn’t, we’ll let you know what’s happening, and how to contact us if you’re facing an emergency.

We’re Hiring Engineers!

25 Jul

We’re continuing to expand our engineering team, and have three open positions we need to fill.

As usual, you can read all about the perks of working at PBworks on our jobs page, including weekly massages, our own grand piano, and of course, working on a great product that’s used by millions of people every month.

The three open positions are: