Star important pages and receive personalized notifications

Our new feature, Starred Pages, makes it super simple to bookmark the pages that matter most to you and quickly navigate to them. If you have a large wiki with hundreds of pages, you probably work on only few of these pages but you receive notifications about all the changes on every page. Now youContinue reading “Star important pages and receive personalized notifications”

New Feature: Easily share pages and update your team

Today collaborating on your wiki became that much easier! We’re excited to introduce the new “Send a link” feature. This feature lets you tell other members of your team that you’ve updated the workspace, and ask them to review, comment, or edit the page. Before when you wanted to share work with your team, youContinue reading “New Feature: Easily share pages and update your team”

New Feature – Navigate and organize your wiki

When we created PBwiki 2.0 one of the most important new features was the addition of folders. Folders allowed you to create specific sections on your wiki to organize pages and navigate to other pages in that folder. We heard from many of you that folders were great, but you wanted an easier way toContinue reading “New Feature – Navigate and organize your wiki”

Huge Release – Four brand new features to organize and share

As a wiki grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to find and track the pages and files that matter most to you. For the last several months, we’ve been researching and designing a new way to organize and share information on your wiki. Starred pages– Bookmark all important wiki pages and create a personal list ofContinue reading “Huge Release – Four brand new features to organize and share”

A business perspective on the evolution of PBwiki

Gil Yehuda, the Enterprise 2.0 industry analyst (formerly of Forrester Research), has a great post up about his perspective on how PBwiki has evolved over time. Here within PBHQ, it’s easy for us to forget what the changes to PBwiki look like to the outside world.  New features like the Mobile Edition seem like oldContinue reading “A business perspective on the evolution of PBwiki”

The Final Showdown

Some of our frequent blog readers will recall the PBwiki Biggest Loser Challenge. During this challenge PBwiki employees learned a lot about themselves. We learned how great it felt to eat right, work out, and lose weight. We also learned how fiercely competitive the team is here in the office! Trash talking, sabotage attempts through delicious bakedContinue reading “The Final Showdown”

New Feature: PBwiki Has Spellcheck!

Yes it’s been a long time coming but today we’re thrilled to announce — PBwiki now comes with spell check! To double check your spelling, click on the spell check icon in your toolbar (beside the plugin icon). All misspelled words will be underlined with a dotted red line. Right click on the word toContinue reading “New Feature: PBwiki Has Spellcheck!”

PBwiki Mobile Edition for iPhone and Blackberry

Ever needed to access your PBwiki using an iPhone or Blackberry? Now you can, with PBwiki Mobile Edition. PBwiki Mobile Edition automatically recognizes when you’re using a smartphone to access your PBwiki, and serves up a blazingly fast mobile-optimized interface. We’ve stripped out everything that’s extraneous to minimize load times and maximize the content youContinue reading “PBwiki Mobile Edition for iPhone and Blackberry”

New Feature: Display the same content on multiple pages

Do you have content on your wiki that needs to be displayed consistently on multiple pages? We have build the ultimate plugin for you! It’s called ‘Include another Page’ and it’s available in your plugin menu under PBwiki Magic. This plugin lets you embed the content from one wiki page onto another wiki page andContinue reading “New Feature: Display the same content on multiple pages”

PBwiki in the news: Week of 3/9/2009

(Image courtesy of Leslie Duss) Another busy week of PBwiki in the news, including the New York Times, local TV news, and of all things, how PBwiki helped reduce crime in one city by 25%! The Static Document Model Is Dying–RIP .doc, .xls, and .ppt (TechCrunchIT, 3/9/2009) In which I opine on the role ofContinue reading “PBwiki in the news: Week of 3/9/2009”