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Tip of the Week: Don't recreate your wiki pages – use templates!

28 Oct

We’re bringing back PBwiki ‘Tip of the Week’ series, now in user friendly video format!

Find out how we’re using our internal business wiki to collaborate, share information and keep our growing team on one page.

Here’s how to avoid writing the same information over and over — use a template!
Tip of the week from PBwikiWebinars on Vimeo.

Driving adoption of your PBwiki (5-minute video)

24 Oct

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to drive adoption of your PBwiki in your organization.

Below, I’m including a 5-minute video on tips for successful adoption, plus some new tools we’ve created to make it easy for you to share PBwiki with your co-workers, students, or friends.

Wiki Adoption from PBwikiWebinars on Vimeo.

Video Shortcuts

0:22 — What to expect when you deploy your wiki

0:58 — Three Steps to Success
– Starting with a core team
– Put yourself in your users’ shoes
– Weave your wiki into others’ workflow

1:14 — Go bottom up and horizontal!

1:26 — Wiki adoption patterns: Top down, bottom-up, sideways

1:38 — Avoid Blank Page Syndrome

1:44 — The biggest determinant of wiki Success

2:00 — Make logging in easier

2:16 — Keep using your wiki for various purposes (not just a one-time event)

2:45 — Gentle onboarding: How to help new users get used to your wiki

3:20 — Weave wikis into workflow

4:16 — Other tactics to drive adoption of your wiki (include your wiki in your signature, “This should be on our PBwiki” stickers)

5:00 — Create editing cycles so users don’t hit a brick wall

Need more resources? The best place to learn more about driving adoption is our Driving Adoption wiki, which includes detailed tips and tricks, presentations, and case studies for integrating PBwiki into your organization.

Effective Communication – A Peace Corps and PBwiki Case Study

14 Oct

Jason Samuelian is a Peace Corps volunteer in Lesotho who introduced wikis to volunteers throughout the nine current Southern Africa countries that have Peace Corps volunteers. You can check out his public wiki here. Here is Jason’s case study, in his own words.

So, why did you need a wiki?
You see what we are trying to do is build a space on the internet where the volunteers can share information and ideas on how to further the development projects in their countries. We are doing this outside the confines of Peace Corps Washington and therefore it is on our measly salaries to get this thing off and running.

How are you using your PBwiki?
We are using PBwiki to provide resources for Peace Corps volunteers in the Southern African region. Such as the sharing of project ideas, resources, recipes, weather, experiences we have faced, etc. The main purpose behind the wiki though is too make volunteers more successful in their service by giving the easy access to volunteer ideas and information that has already been field tested by their predecessors.

How has using a wiki changed the work you do for the Peace Corps?
The Peace Corps does give us a significant amount of initial training and they provide computers for us to work on throughout our service. The common practice though by most volunteers has been to make say a lesson plan or an outline of how to run a sports camp to raise awareness to HIV/AIDS.

However the two components have never been brought together. What we thought would be helpful was to make this information available to people before the even come to the country. This way we could get the new volunteers thinking about what they might want to try and give them ideas after they have gotten to their site and maybe been discouraged by a failed project or idea.

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How to encourage non-technical people to use a wiki

2 Oct

Most people at your company have never even heard of a wiki, so how do you get them to actually use it?

Raoul Kahn, Director of Product at Seesmic, had the same problem that many of you face at your own company. Here is his advice on encouraging wiki adoption – particularly with non-technical people.
Raoul Kahn from Seesmic talks about PBWiki from PBwiki on Vimeo

The Breakdown

:35 – How to get non-technical people involved
1:56 – Three ways Seesmic uses their business wiki
2:46 – Who used the wiki immediately (hint: no one) and how to get people on board
3:22 – How to explain to non-technical people why and how to use a wiki.

“It’s made my job so much easier. I can look at one site, where ever I am and I know what’s going on”

How do you encourage people at your company to use a wiki?