Here's how to get the improved PBwiki Sidebar — free

[Update, 11/1/07]: Clarified this post. Now everyone can use our improved Sidebar. This Sidebar lets you have three tabs: QuickStart: A list of simple actions to help people get accustomed to using PBwiki. Recent Activity: A list of recent changes on the wiki. SideBar: The regular Sidebar page, which is fully-editable. Most people use thisContinue reading “Here's how to get the improved PBwiki Sidebar — free”

PBwiki free premium accounts for victims of Southern California wildfires

This morning Leng Caloh, the Managing Online Editor for KPBS in Southern California, wrote us to let us know that they’re using PBwiki to coordinate reporting on the Southern California wildfires. “The wiki has been a godsend,â€? she said. “PBwiki has a great service and it’s helping us to serve the public!â€? Because it’s suchContinue reading “PBwiki free premium accounts for victims of Southern California wildfires”

Design Change – Tabbed Sidebars

Last week we made a simple but helpful change to the way you can access information on your sidebar. Our goal was 1) to introduce some quick steps new users can take to create a PBwiki and, 2) make it easier to access the information that is important to all wiki users – namely whatContinue reading “Design Change – Tabbed Sidebars”

New feature – Create your own template

Hey everyone, I’m excited about this new feature – it’s one that I will use often and I hope you will too. We’ve have created a quick and easy way for you to create your own templates. A template allows you to easily replicate wiki pages from the same design or style. They save timeContinue reading “New feature – Create your own template”

PBwiki hosts more pages than Wikipedia!

We’re surprised and thrilled to see how fast our PBwiki community is growing. Today, we’re announcing some news: If your co-workers or friends have been wondering about using wikis, point them to this post for a roundup of articles on using PBwiki to make your life easier. 1. Video: See how we use PBwiki toContinue reading “PBwiki hosts more pages than Wikipedia!”

PBwiki – a great complement to Blackboard!

I received this awesome email from Ann Randall, Projects Coordinator at Boise State University, and I couldn’t wait to share it with the PBwiki educator community. Check out the super innovative ways that Ann enhanced her existing classroom tool – Blackboard – by using a PBwiki. “Hi! I doubt this is unique, but I justContinue reading “PBwiki – a great complement to Blackboard!”

Tighter access control –

We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest security feature,, a fast way to log into your multiple PBwikis with one personal password and easily control access on your wiki. As a wiki Administrator the new gives you unprecedented control over who is active on your wiki and what they are allowedContinue reading “Tighter access control –”