Recommended Installation Options for Microsoft Office

Quick Tip. I just installed Office on my home computer, and thought I’d share a helpful hint. I recommend the following options when installing Microsoft Office on your computer: WARNING: Failure to disable Sharepoint may lead to missed expectations and general feelings of disappointment & disillusionment.

Team Video! How do we use our wiki — find out!

We’ve been hearing a lot of questions about how PBwiki can be used in the workplace. Rather than offer a boring list of suggestions, we’ve created this cool video to show how WE use PBwiki at our office. Here are some tips: 1) Don’t email documents to your coworkers and then try to manage andContinue reading “Team Video! How do we use our wiki — find out!”

To our PBwiki community: How should we spread the word about PBwiki in the Fortune 500?

We were combing through some data a few weeks ago and discovered something interesting: Over 1/3 of the Fortune 500 has used PBwiki. This is great news for our Small Business Edition — with so many Fortune 500 users, we’ve already seen small business users feeling more comfortable about security and safety. So we’re turningContinue reading “To our PBwiki community: How should we spread the word about PBwiki in the Fortune 500?”

Creating new pages and uploading files

Now that you’ve created your PBwiki, here’s a 60-second overview on how to create pages and upload files. Uploading a file To upload a file to your wiki, click “Edit page” and then “Attach file.” Free wikis have 10MB of storage space, while Premium wikis have up to 10GB of space. Creating a new pageContinue reading “Creating new pages and uploading files”

Inviting others to PBwiki

[Note: PBwiki’s top priority is improving access controls. We’ll be releasing a new system in early November. Stay tuned for more details.] PBwiki offers a number of ways to share your wiki with others. To share your wiki using a single wiki password Why you might do this You want the simplest way to letContinue reading “Inviting others to PBwiki”

Best practices for getting others to contribute to your wiki

When it comes to building a collaborative wiki, there are certain elements that significantly increase your chances for getting others to contribute to your wiki. Here are the PBwiki best practices for getting participants to be fully engaged in your wiki. Avoid Blank-Page Syndrome: Pre-fill your wiki with content. Most people get scared by blankContinue reading “Best practices for getting others to contribute to your wiki”

Adding interactive plugins to your wiki

Plugins allow you to add interactive widgets to your wiki like collaborative calendars, chat rooms, YouTube videos, photo shows, and more (full list here). To add a plugin, click “Edit” on any page in your wiki. Then click “Insert plugin” (the button with the funny-looking green icon). Then move your mouse over the different categoriesContinue reading “Adding interactive plugins to your wiki”

101 ways to save time with a wiki! #3 Instant Meeting!

Whether its a small team meeting or a huge 1,000 person conference, it’s important to have a specific roadmap to guide your discussion. Having an agenda lets participants know where they’re headed, and keeps everyone on track. PBwiki is an awesome way to engage all of your attendees and shape the message that both youContinue reading “101 ways to save time with a wiki! #3 Instant Meeting!”