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Introducing “Recent Items” in the Livebar

23 Jul

One of the features in PBworks’ business product that comes in handy for me is the “Recent Activity” section of the Dashboard.  Not only does this provide a list of everyone’s recent edits, uploads, updates, and comments, it also provides a quick shortcut to the wiki pages, files, and workspaces I’ve recently visited.

Under the headings “Recent Workspaces,” “Recent Pages,” and “Recent Uploads,” the Recent Items feature allows me to quickly return to whatever I was just working on.

Think of it as the “Last Channel” feature on your TV remote–one of the buttons I use most often in my daily life.

We’ve realized, however, that it’s inconvenient to house “Recent Items” on the “Recent Activity” section of the Dashboard.  While this information makes sense in the context of recent activity, it doesn’t make sense to force our users to go back to the Dashboard whenever they need to return to a recently visited item.  It’s especially annoying if, like me, you already use the Dashboard to keep track or your tasks, or for status updates.

Fortunately, PBworks already has a solution for this issue.  The Livebar, which sits at the top of the screen, already provides a shortcut to My Tasks, and My Starred Items.  Now we’re adding a shortcut to “Recent Items.”

This means that from any screen, you can access your recently viewed items and navigate to them. Here’s how it looks:

"Recent Items" in the Livebar

The new “Recent Items” shortcut in the LiveBar lets you see up to your eight most recently viewed workspaces or wiki pages, as well as your eight most recently uploaded files.  You can hover over any item to see a preview, and click on any item to navigate there.

And just as with the Tasks and Starred Items links in the Livebar, you can click “View All Activity” to navigate to the corresponding page in the Dashboard.

For more details, visit our User Manual.

Introducing “Copy File”

3 Jul

We’ve just introduced a small but useful new feature in our business products.  Previously, we gave you the ability to make a copy of a wiki page.  This allowed you to do things like use a copy of your previous week’s meeting agenda as the basis for this week’s meeting.

Now, we’ve extended this to files.

To copy a file, simply click on “File Options” and select “Copy File.”  You’ll be asked to select a new name for the file (by default, it’s simply “Copy of <filename>”).

Once the file has been copied, you can always rename it or even move it to another workspace.