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31 May

2 years!!

Congratulations to the entire team for building the world’s easiest wiki. Now beware…we may be in a little late to work tomorrow.


Wiki delete now works

31 May

For a while, we had temporarily halted wikis from being deleted to do some behind-the-curtain plumbing. Wiki delete works again. If you really want to delete your PBwiki (why would you want to?), just log in, click “Settings” and then click “Delete.”

Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever, so be careful!

Note: Once you delete a wiki, that wiki name will be retired / unusable forever.

We do [not] like spam

31 May

As part of our spam abatement we’ve been doing some research about how to identify various kinds of Spam. The following data is from our test of Spam musubi. Initial results are promising.


Schtuff transition is on track to happen in the next few days

30 May

I just spoke to Nathan, our CTO, about the Schtuff transition. He told me that he’s working with Carl at Schtuff to finalize importing the Schtuff wikis to PBwiki. We expect to give the technical thumbs-up to the Schtuff team within 24 hours. After that, Schtuff will begin contacting its (our?) users to let them know how to migrate their wikis. As far as we understand, the trains are all running on time for the import to happen this week or early next week.

If you have questions, or to stay current on the latest Schtuff-transition news, check out this forum post.

Tip of the Week #20: All About Tables

24 May


So last time, we went over everything that went into creating a table of contents for your page quickly and effectively using the Point-and-Click Editor. Today, we follow in the same vein, but advanced users can skip down to the bottom and read about some of the ways to style your tables using CSS, in case you would like to do something like get rid of the borders, change the colors, etc.

Before we get into all that however, we first need to make the table itself. Read on ahead to find out how to make a table using the Point-and-Click Editor and other options to modify an existing table, such as adding rows and columns, removing rows and columns, merging cells, etc.

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Nathan Schmidt (PBwiki CTO) gives a talk at Stanford tomorrow

21 May

Our very own Nathan!

Nathan is the CTO of, a Palo Alto-based startup that is now the world’s largest hoster of wikis.

Nathan will be speaking about “how to keep a popular web service from melting when it becomes popular – Debian, PHP, Apache, Lighttpd, Squid, Memcache, MogileFS and MySQL.”

Nathan was a President Scholar and received a BS in Computer Systems Engineering at Stanford University.

More information from the Stanford Linux Users and Open Source Group.

Our new FrontPage helps you get started using PBwiki faster

17 May

Here’s an email I wrote to our educational advisory panel (join here) last night:

Well, it’s 10:25pm and I should be getting ready to sleep, but I can’t without getting this email out!! Let me quickly tell you about something we did to make PBwiki easier for your coworkers and students.

We just rolled out a new FrontPage for new wikis that makes it easier to get started. Now when you create a new wiki, you’ll see clearer text, help documents, and quick videos that give you a tour of how to use PBwiki. All this stuff is now on the FrontPage.

Check it out by making a new wiki at

Here’s what the new FrontPage looks like (click here to try it out):


The new FrontPage is one of the ways we’re making it easier to get started using PBwiki. Please tell your friends!