Introducing Multi-value User Profile Fields

Thought we were done for the holidays?  Think again.  We’re still working away here at PBworks HQ.  Today’s new feature is the addition of multi-value user profile fields. Our user profiles are an important part of PBworks; Network Administrators can add any fields necessary to allow the members of their organization to share their skillsContinue reading “Introducing Multi-value User Profile Fields”

Introducing Multi-file Zip Download

One of the convenient features that PBworks customers use a lot is the ability to upload multiple files at once.  This is a great time-saver when uploading files like photos, images, or related documents. Unfortunately, web browser security settings prevent you from downloading more than one file at a time.  It’s not a PBworks restriction;Continue reading “Introducing Multi-file Zip Download”

Introducing Network Folder Settings

Products, like living things, evolve in response to their environment.  They build on what currently exists to add new functionality, or refine how things already work. Take our latest feature, Network Folder Settings, for example. PBworks began by allowing you to set up a single workspace for collaborating with your team. We built on thisContinue reading “Introducing Network Folder Settings”

Introducing Move Between Workspaces

One of the great strengths of PBworks is that it’s easy to get started.  Just create a wiki page, upload a file, or email a workspace, and you’re off and running.  This openness helps encourage participation, and lets your team build on each others’ efforts. But this openness has its downsides.  It’s hard to determineContinue reading “Introducing Move Between Workspaces”