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Introducing Keynote and HTML5 File Preview

11 Dec

One of the most popular features of our business products is the ability to view a preview of your files and documents online from within PBworks, without having to download and open them.

We’ve just added two key enhancements to our file preview functionality, which should make our product even better for our Apple users.

HTML5 Preview

Two important web technologies are Adobe’s Flash and HTML5.  You may be familiar with Flash because of its use for playing videos on websites like YouTube; HTML5 is an open standard that provides similar capabilities.

One of the key limitations of Flash is that Apple’s iOS devices like iPhones and iPads don’t support it.  Because the first version of our file preview functionality relied on Flash, it wasn’t accessible on iOS devices, which is a shame, because file preview is especially powerful on mobile devices, which are unlikely to be able to read Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.  PBworks’ file previews make these documents readable without downloading.

Yesterday, we launched an HTML5 version of our file preview.  This means that you can new preview and read documents on your iPhones and iPads, just like you did on your computer before.  You can log into PBworks using the same URL, login, and password.  Go ahead, try it out!

Keynote Preview

Another software applications which should be familiar to Apple users is Keynote, Apple’s presentation software (the Microsoft equivalent is PowerPoint).  While Keynote is popular with some Mac users for its ability to create beautiful presentations, it poses compatibility issues because Keynote files can’t be opened by non-Mac computers.

Our Keynote Preview feature extends PBworks’ file preview capabilities to Keynote presentations, which means that you can now share Keynote presentations with non-Mac users.

Note that the Keynote Preview feature requires you to change your Keynote settings so that a preview is generated when you create your presentation.  You can also make this work for existing presentations by using Keynote’s “Duplicate…” command.  Once you set up your copy of Keynote to create previews, this should happen automatically for all new files.

For more information on our file preview functionality, or for more detailed instructions and screenshots, please visit our user manual.