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Permissions Update: Bringing Writers Back Into the Fold(er)

21 Oct

For the last few years at PBworks, while building an amazing set of new technologies we’ve tried to stay true to four consistent set of tiers for access:

  • Readers cannot modify the content of a workspace in any way (though they can optionally be allowed to comment).
  • Writers can perform reversible / non-destructive operations that don’t affect workspace-wide settings or security.
  • Editors can modify and delete things on a workspace in an irreversible way but they cannot affect workspace-wide settings or security.
  • Admins can perform any operation on a workspace.

It’s become clear that when we rolled out folder manipulation that we left writers out of the party, so to speak, by not letting writers create folders. Some Administrators worked around this by making everyone Editors but were then worried about people accidentally deleting information. Madness. And since folder creation is a reversible and non-destructive operation, we realized that we ought to fix that to let writers better structure their contributions to a workspace.

So on October 26, 2010 we’ll be flipping the switch to allow writers to create folders. (It’s also my birthday that day!)

Check out our fabulous Permission Levels page for a refresher on exactly what each role can do.

Coming Soon: Network Notifications

4 Oct

Long ago (in the ancient days of 2009) PBworks consisted of separate and unrelated workspaces.  For business customers, this was a problem, since it was difficult to keep track of all their different workspaces and projects.

The answer was PBworks Business Edition, which introduced the concept of “networks” of related workspaces.  Now, business users could easily navigate between their various workspaces, and see aggregate information on a personal dashboard.

However, there was one area in which workspaces remained stubbornly separated: email notifications.

For the past 18 months, our Business Edition users have continued to receive separate notifications for each of their workspaces.

This is going to change.

Based on your feedback, PBworks will soon be releasing Network Notifications.  Like our Dashboard, these new notifications will aggregate the information from all your workspaces and present it in one convenient place, this time in your email client rather than your web browser.

The new Network Notifications should reduce the amount of email you get from us, but still keep you up to date on all the important items you don’t want to miss.

We’ll be turning on Network Notifications for everyone in the next few weeks, but if you want to experience them early, contact your Account Manager, and we’ll try to work you into the beta testing program.