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Coming Soon – Nested Folders

13 Apr

We’re pleased to announce that all users of PBworks will soon have access to nested folders. This means that soon you will be able to place a folder inside of another folder.

This has been one the the top requests from users and we’re excited to release this feature to our entire user base  – including free users!

The PBworks Security Model

Nested Folders is deceptively simple feature, particularly with premium workspaces that have folder level permissions.

Placing a folder inside a parent folder works exactly the same as placing a page inside a folder.  If a folder has no security controls, it will adopt the security controls on the ‘parent’ folder. If the folder has specific security controls, they will override those set by the ‘parent’ folder.

As always, the more specific security controls override those more general controls.

Learn more about PBworks Nested Folders and Folder Security.

Attend the Crossroads Film Festival this weekend on PBworks

13 Apr

One of the major was people use PBworks is to help them manage events.  Certainly there are a lot of techie events like BarCamp or TEDx that use us, but we also see non-technical events as well.  One of these events is the Crossroads Film Festival in Jackson, Mississippi, which is taking place this weekend.

We’re glad that Crossroads is using PBworks to help them manage this 70-film festival.  Even better, Crossroads is offering two complimentary passes to PBworks users for the event!

If you’re going to be in the Jackson area this weekend, and would like to claim a pass to the 11th annual Crossroads Film Festival, please leave a comment on this post.  First come, first served!

The 11th annual Crossroads Film Festival is set for Friday, April 16, through Sunday, April 18, at the Malco Grandview Cinema in Madison, Mississippi and other locations around Jackson. The festival will screen over 70 films in three days, in addition to hosting workshops, filmmaker Q&A sessions, receptions, music, parties, and more. The complete schedule for the Festival is at

Crossroads uses PBworks to organize all its online files, including records, filmmaker lists, photos, and other archival materials from its decade of festivals. The Festival posts film and festival images to public pages (this year, and for media and volunteers to access the latest collection of photos and information on Crossroads films, musical guests, and other information without having to swap endless e-mails of lists back and forth.

PBworks – Iterative Development at it's Best

12 Apr

This spring the PBworks team has been on fire – have you noticed?

In just the past month our small team has released a brand new editor, advanced workspace security, a new users panel and navigation changes that (finally) help people unearth their uploaded content.

Not only that! Many people don’t see the extensive website work, or the bugs that our Gentleman of Quality fearlessly roots out and rips apart.

We work hard and release new features every week.

For folks interested in seeing what a week at PBworks actually looks like, check out our Engineering Release Log.

This is a behind the scenes look at what we work on every week – including some work for features that aren’t out yet.  Enjoy!

Huge Security Improvements for Premium Workspaces

5 Apr

We are pleased to release a set of improvements that will make it much easier to understand what your users can see, and edit.

On basic workspaces all creators have to option to add users, and set workspace-wide permission.  This means that you can add an editor to your workspace, and that editor can make changes to every page.

Many of you need more flexible access controls – not all users should be able to view or edit every page.  That’s why premium workspaces have advanced access controls, allowing the administrator to lock pages, hide pages and even set specific access controls on each page.

Until now it’s been difficult to understand which users have access to what pages and what those users can view.  With this release, the security improvements give administrators a much better idea of what each user can see and who can view each page.

What can a user see?

On the new users panel we’re introducing a better way to view a users profile.  Click on a users name to view their email, location and profile. If your users panel is visible, all users can view this information.

Administrators have the option to view what content users can view.   When administrators click  “What can this user see”, they will see a list of all the folders, pages and files that the user has access to.

Who can see this page?

Not only will you have better visibility into what your users can see, you will also be able to understand which users have access to specific pages.  Click on the link that says “control access to this page” to view who can see and edit the page.

Here’s what our customers have to say:

Wow!!!! This is exactly what was missing. I am so looking forward to these updates!!!!
– Eduardo