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New Feature: Copy Page

17 Sep

One of the actions I’ve often found myself taking in PBworks is manually creating a copy of a wiki page.

For example, I use PBworks to record meeting notes for recurring meetings.  At the end of each meeting, I would have to remember to do the following:

  1. Enter Edit mode
  2. Click “Source” to enter Source mode
  3. Select all and copy the source HTML
  4. Click “Cancel” to go back to View mode
  5. Click the “Create a page” link to start the create page process
  6. Type in a page name and click the “Create page” button
  7. Click “Source” to enter Source mode
  8. Paste the source HTML I copied back in Step 3
  9. Click “Save”

Now I got pretty good at doing this quickly, but the fact is, I had to go through *NINE STEPS* to simply copy a page.

With the new “Copy this page” feature, we’ve reduced this to two steps:

  1. Click “Copy this page”
  2. Name the copy and click the “Copy” button

Those two steps do everything that the previous nine steps did; they copy the exact page contents, including links and plugins, but not including comments or page revision, and they place the copy in the same folder as the original page.

In fact, “Copy this page” even goes one better, by copying security settings and tags as well.

“Copy this page” is available to all our users, free and paid.  For more details on how to use “Copy this page”, you can check out our user manual:

Free/Educational Users:

Business Users:

PBworks is hiring!

2 Sep

Hello, all you PBworksians!  Have you ever wanted to be part of the incredible team here that is changing the way people work?  If you or anyone you know would like to be our new Cluster Operations Manager, please email us today!  The full posting is in our job section, but here’s the run down: PBworks runs dozens of servers to keep your workspaces humming.  The new hire will tend to those servers and the software they run like a patient gardener, taking care of weeds as the spring up, cultivating new plants as our company continues to grow.

Cluster operations is a unique job: a combination of fast paced problem solving, and taking thoughtful, proactive steps to make sure emergencies don’t happen.  Like Bender learned in his trip through space, “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”

Learn more and apply today!