Introducing Improved File Preview (and better Sharing)

One of the key aspects of PBworks is the ability to work with files.  We’ve made files collaborative–you can upload them, set per-file access controls, share them, track their revision history, comment on them, tag them, and link to them. Some types of files, like web-viewable images like GIFs, JPEGs, and PNGs, we display asContinue reading “Introducing Improved File Preview (and better Sharing)”

Introducing Personal Workspaces

Yesterday, PBworks celebrated the new year by introducing our first major feature of 2012: Personal Workspaces. A number of our customers told us that they wanted to use PBworks as a place where their employees could store their stuff–files, documents, brainstorms, etc.  One customer even went so far as to dedicate a member of theirContinue reading “Introducing Personal Workspaces”