Activate Real-Time Collaboration Features

As announced at Enterprise 2.0, we’re working to bring a suite of real-time features to all Project Edition networks. Today we’re excited to announce the beta launch of PBworks IM, Live Editing and Instant Notifications. We’re still refining this release so the features work perfectly, but you can start using them with your network now.Continue reading “Activate Real-Time Collaboration Features”

Video: New Feature Run Down

We made this video for Enterprise 2.0 to display the key features of our recent releases — Project edition, social release features and the upcoming real time chat, live editing and voice conferencing features. Fast forward to 1:44 to see the new real-time collaboration features in action or watch the entire video to catch upContinue reading “Video: New Feature Run Down”

Introducing PBworks Real-time Collaboration

A few weeks back, we asked you to guess what we’d be announcing at Enterprise 2.0. You need wonder no longer. On Monday, PBworks announced its real-time collaboration update.  Starting on November 17, Project and Legal Edition customers will have a whole new way to use PBworks to work together. IM Collaboration Live Notifications LiveContinue reading “Introducing PBworks Real-time Collaboration”