Slow page loads — Our engineers are responding

12/31/08, 7pm PST: Some wikis are experiencing slow page loads and 500 errors when wiki pages attempt to load. Our engineers are aware of the problem and working on it. There is no data loss and we estimate a relatively quick repair of the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience and wish you a HappyContinue reading “Slow page loads — Our engineers are responding”

New Feature: Now readers can comment on wiki pages

This week we’re excited to release one of our most requested features – Reader Commenting. Before,wiki users with ‘Reader’ access were only allowed to view your wiki. Now, you can enable Readers to leave comments. Why reader comments are useful The ability for readers to leave comments is great if you like to get inputContinue reading “New Feature: Now readers can comment on wiki pages”

New feature: Extend your wiki with embeddable HTML / JavaScript

You can already easily insert YouTube videos and Google Gadgets into your wiki using the Plugin menu (click Edit >> Insert plugin). Now, we’ve made it easier to extend your wiki by inserting HTML and JavaScript into your wiki. Use HTML/JavaScript to add outside widgets to your wiki Custom HTML/JavaScript allows you (or your admins)Continue reading “New feature: Extend your wiki with embeddable HTML / JavaScript”

Tip of the week: Restrict access to your documents

Since we released the new document management features we’ve seen a huge spike in the number of files that people upload to their wiki. Now people want to know how to set custom security on these files – specifically how to share a document with just a few users but not everyone on the wiki.Continue reading “Tip of the week: Restrict access to your documents”

What do you use for your playbook?

I spent most of Sunday afternoon at home watching various football games. While I’m a fan of all sports, I’m always amazed at the execution and synchronization of a typical football play. Each down, the 11 players move in perfect harmony in order to reach their goal. The slightest misstep can be the difference betweenContinue reading “What do you use for your playbook?”

We demand a recount! (Open Web Awards)

Photo courtesy of Jonathunder. It has come to our attention that in Mashable’s Open Web Awards, PBwiki came in as the runner-up to Wikipedia in the “Wiki” category. Clearly, this is a travishamockery of justice. Sure, Wikipedia is the largest repository of human knowledge, but you won’t find caricatures of all the Wikipedians on theirContinue reading “We demand a recount! (Open Web Awards)”

How do you describe your wiki to others?

I’m curious how you invite others to your wiki. We’ve heard from users who describe their wiki in all different kinds of ways. What do you say to get others to successfully join your wiki? Is it: “Hey Michelle, you should join my wiki. You can edit pages with me on it…” -or- “John, youContinue reading “How do you describe your wiki to others?”

Asking the Right Questions

Asking the right questions is a key component of being a successful support guru at PBwiki. The PBwiki Support Team answers questions from users with all sorts of experiences with wikis – from first time users to top-ten editors on Wikipedia. It’s imperative that no matter what the skill-level of a user, the support guruContinue reading “Asking the Right Questions”