PBworks Phasing Out IE8 Support Starting 1/31/2014

In March 2009, Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer 8.  At the time, the browser was state of the art.  Today, over 4.5 years later, IE8 is looking dated, and the usage numbers reflect it. In the broad market, IE8 now has less than 10% market share, and we see a similar proportion in our own statistics. Continue reading “PBworks Phasing Out IE8 Support Starting 1/31/2014”

Introducing Search Improvements

Search has long been one of the most popular and powerful features of PBworks.  Our search engine allows you to search through your entire network, including the text within the files you upload.  You also have the opportunity to “facet” your search results (for example, you can filter the search results so that they onlyContinue reading “Introducing Search Improvements”