Riding the Wave: A History of Real-time Collaboration

Now that I’ve started to talk with analysts and other early adopters about PBworks’ upcoming Real-time Collaboration update (more on that later), one of the very first questions I always get is, “Is that like Google Wave?” Many people, even industry experts, are under the impression that Google Wave is the first product to offerContinue reading “Riding the Wave: A History of Real-time Collaboration”

Introducing Network User Signup

One of the recent requests we received from a Project Edition customer asked, “Can I set up my network so that anyone from my company can join the network, without my having to invite them?” This made a ton of sense, especially as Project Edition gets rolled out to ever larger numbers of corporate customers.¬†Continue reading “Introducing Network User Signup”

PBworks adds support for Google Chrome, drops Firefox 2

I do a lot of cross browser testing as part of my job as Gentleman of Quality (Head of QA) here at PBworks and I keep a close eye on which browsers our users are adopting and which ones are fading away. I’m pleased to announce that we’re adding support for Google¬†Chrome, an excellent browserContinue reading “PBworks adds support for Google Chrome, drops Firefox 2”