Pre-register for the next PBwiki Camp

Over 1,500 teachers signed up for PBwiki summer camp. Check out what they’re saying: “This course is incredible and the amount of info is overwhelming 🙂 not in a bad way” “I want to learn as much as I can about the “free” tools available to educators. This weeks resources page is amazing! I’ve heardContinue reading “Pre-register for the next PBwiki Camp”

Search 2.0: Now Better, Faster, Stronger

Mmm, dogfood. Here at PBwiki, we make use of our own product pretty extensively. And having used an internal PBwiki for some three years, we’ve accumulated a pretty large collection of material! This makes it ever more important that we be able to search it and find what we’re looking for. So we’ve dramatically overhauledContinue reading “Search 2.0: Now Better, Faster, Stronger”

Can PBwiki Help You Get A Job?

eWeek suggests that publishing information on your wiki may help techies in the job search: Like the Academia from which the industry sprung, career Techies have long sought publishing – professional journals, trade publications, books – as a means to push their process, tout their technique and promote their name. The concept has never beenContinue reading “Can PBwiki Help You Get A Job?”

PBwiki in the News: Awards, Saving Lives in Iraq, and Helping Contractors

We’ve got a couple more PBwiki stories to share… We’re #1!  We’re #1! We’re #1! SEOmoz gave PBwiki 1st Prize in the “Hosted Wikis” category of the annual Web 2.0 Awards.  We’d like to thank the Academy, our director, our co-stars…but now they’re cueing the music and shooing us off the stage. Wikis at WarContinue reading “PBwiki in the News: Awards, Saving Lives in Iraq, and Helping Contractors”

Join PBwiki summer camp and earn a free classroom wiki

Want to build the ultimate classroom wiki and have it ready for the start of the fall semester? Join us for PBwiki Summer Camp! We know that a lot of educators have heard about wikis but just aren’t sure how to use them in the classroom. In PBwiki Summer Camp you will learn the bestContinue reading “Join PBwiki summer camp and earn a free classroom wiki”

New Feature — Re-arrange Your Sidebar Modules

Have you ever wanted to re-arrange your Sidebar on the right side of your wiki? At PBwiki, we just love adding new features. There are enough wiki jockeys here in at PBHQ that it guarantees we’ll have differing opinions on how things should work — that’s one of the reasons we work hard to fitContinue reading “New Feature — Re-arrange Your Sidebar Modules”

Post Your PBwiki In The New Public PBwiki Directory

Are you ready for your closeup? Our new Public PBwiki Directory ( lets folks find examples of public PBwikis in all categories.  For example, here’s a list of public PBwikis that are official PBwiki resources. It’s completely voluntary (you don’t have to submit your site if you don’t want to), but if you’re proud ofContinue reading “Post Your PBwiki In The New Public PBwiki Directory”