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Introducing the PBworks Twitter Widget

11 Apr

As the Internet evolves, PBworks evolves with it.  You can see this evolution at work in the plugins we include in the product.  For a long time, we’ve had two product-specific plugins: YouTube and Skype.  We’ve just added a third: Twitter.

In one sense, we don’t really need to add product-specific plugins.  We have generic plugins like the RSS plugin or the HTML/JavaScript plugin that make it possible to embed just about any widget you want.  But using these generic plugins requires fiddling around with long and complex-looking URLs and scripts.  Therefore, when a product becomes (a) ubiquitous and (b) is clearly here for the long haul, we look into adding a product-specific plugin.

By anyone’s measures, Twitter now clearly qualifies on both counts.

The new Twitter plugin makes it easy to embed either a Twitter feed or search results on a wiki page, with cool Twitter formatting and colors.  For all the details, check out the user manual.