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Join 2010 PBworks A-team

19 Jan


The A-Team is a group of outspoken PBworks users who test out our newest features and let us know what they think. This year we’re looking for a few more people to join the team.

This is a great chance for you to look under the hood at what we’re developing and affect the way it works.

Alpha Team feedback is extremely important. The 2009 A-Team informed many, many decisions about which features were too crazy for prime-time and which features would work for our customers.

This offer is open to experienced PBworks users who feel comfortable testing out features that don’t exactly work, have bugs and may break. None of the alpha team features should be used on client facing workspaces!

02/26/2010 – The PBworks A-team is no longer accepting new members. We will open it to more folks in the future. If you’re interested in joining, check back to Thanks!

Support PBworks at Enterprise 2.0

15 Jan

This year the team at PBworks is in the running to present at the Enterprise 2.0 conference. We’re need your support – please take a second and Vote for us here!

Thanks to all the folks who have already voted and left comments like:

Love working with pbworks with my management consulting clients and my family! – David Purdy

PBWORKS is great software – been using if for more than 2 years! It makes our organization work – could not live without it! – Roger Rydberg

The Enterprise 2.0 conference is the best place for companies to learn how emerging technology can improve on the current legacy systems that are eating away at the productivity, efficiency and mental balance of everyday employees.

Last year we were excited to host a booth and announce our new live editing and voice conferencing capability . These new features make it easy for the non-technical person to host remote presentations, share their screen and set up conference calls. (With nothing to download and no additional set up cost!)

This year we’re excited to participate once again. Thanks for helping us make that happen!

New User Panel for all Networked Workspaces

12 Jan

Until today only administrators could see who is on a workspace, and what permission level each user has. It’s pretty difficult to work on collaborative projects when you can’t see who’s on your team! With the new user panel all users can see who is on the workspace and what workspace-wide permission level they have. Administrators can access the users panel from workspace settings, all other users will see a link in the top right of their workspace. Here are three reasons why we love this feature:

  • Now you can quickly find your coworkers email and check out their latest status update
  • Better understand exactly what your clients can see by checking their workspace-wide permission level
  • Sort by name, permission level, even email address! It’s easy to find who your looking for.

What non-administrators will see: users image

What all users will see: NEW USERS2 See a larger image here

Introducing the PBworks Template Store

12 Jan

The Template Store serves many professions
(Image appears courtesy of Joe “Shiggy” Sciglitano)

The great thing about PBworks is that you can use it to do just about anything.

The bad thing about PBworks (at least for those of us who tell its story for a living) is that you can use it to do just about anything.

Saying that PBworks combines wikis, document management, project management, social networking, microblogging, and real-time communications (with integrated voice coming soon) requires strong lungs.  More importantly, simply listing all the features in PBworks doesn’t necessarily tell you how it solves *your* particular problem.

That’s why we built the Template Store.

Not only does the Template Store show how you can use PBworks workspaces to solve specific problems, you can clone these examples into your own PBworks network, where you can customize them to meet your needs, or even convert them into custom workspace templates.

Plus, all 25+ of our templates are free of charge to PBworks users.

There are templates for specific industries (e.g. a Client Engagement Template for consultants, a PR Client Extranet for marketers) as well as specific functions and processes (a Branch Office Intranet for corporate use, a Presales Extranet for sales, and a Competitive Analysis Template for marketing).

If you’re already using PBworks Business Edition (formerly Project Edition) or Legal Edition, you can access the Template Store from your network — chose ‘Workspaces’ and select “Template Store.”

If you don’t currently have a network, you can preview the Template Store here.  You can even submit your own templates for inclusion.

Check out the Template Store and see if there’s a template to solve your problem.  And if not, leave a comment, and we’ll work on building one!