Never Fear….

…no Salmonella here!

Harkening back to David’s post about being glad we ship bits rather than physical stuff, boy, it’s also nice to know that we don’t ship anything that could harm people, either.

On a lighter note, I just bought a household-sized fridge for our office. The one we have now is a very small dorm-room style one. In fact, it was actually my fridge for the two years when I was in a college dorm. With the recent addition of employee #6, it’s bursting at the seams, though, so we’ve decided we need a bigger space for all that Red Bull, leftover Chinese food, and Little Lucca’s sandwiches.

I’ve decided this must mean we’ve arrived as a corporate entity. We need a real fridge. The entire company can’t legally fit in one regular passenger car anymore. Woot.

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