Under the hood

What makes PBwiki tick?

For stability:
– Debian Sarge Linux – rock solid with very good package management
– grsecurity – paranoid security, the small overhead is worth the peace of mind
– MySQL – just works
– Apache – a known quantity

For speed:
– PHP – it’s fast and dead simple
– memcached – very fast, very stable
– eAccelerator – we have a lot of code to compile, and this extension speeds up time-to-first-byte by 250ms

For coolness:
– FCKeditor – the basis for our new rich text editor
– syslog – we funnel all of the system parametrics from all of our machines plus all apache and all application-level logging into syslog, one file per machine per day, all told it’s about 750Mb of data per day

Our next generation architecture (soon) will add:

– mogilefs – distributed file storage system that uses commodity hardware to automatically spread spare copies of files around a number of servers
– squid – caching reverse proxy
– pound – super-fast traffic director

And now you know.


Published by pbwikinathan

I'm the CTO of PBworks, Inc. We help organizations work better as teams with their clients and partners.

5 thoughts on “Under the hood

  1. You guys have done a nice job enhancing FCKeditor. I was wondering if your Point-and-Click editor is available under GPL, or did you go the CDL licensing root?

    Thanks, Nathan.

  2. We have licensed the FCKeditor under the commercial license for a couple of reasons, particularly because we wanted to ensure priority support — we owe that to our users. We’ve ended up working closely with Frederico and the rest of the FCKteam team and regularly push back patches and bug reports. We hope to end up being the largest installation of the editor out there, which will feed the virtuous open source cycle even more.

  3. I really like the modal dialogs vs. the pop-ups… it’s very nice. Do you have any tips/recommendations for implementing something like that in FCKEdit… is there a particular library use used (lightbox, etc.)?

  4. Hi Nathan,
    I’ve made significant process, using Modalbox on top of Prototype + Scriptaculous, and reworking the Javascript from the dialogs to work via AJAX.Updater. (ugh, lots of work! 🙂 Ran into a stumbling block though, seems the user can click through the dialog box and upset the insertion point in FCKeditor. Did you run into anything like this? I played with FCKLockManager a little, but that didn’t seem to help. Thanks, Nathan.

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