Super-handy new premium feature: Access via email

Here’s a great new feature especially handy for our businesses, education, and government users: Access-via-email lets you set an email domain, and anyone with an email under that domain can grant themselves Contributor access to your wiki. An example will make this a lot more obvious – here at PBwiki we run a bunch ofContinue reading “Super-handy new premium feature: Access via email”

New feature for premium wikis: Accelerated access and search

The PBwiki team is on our annual office offsite, and we’ve been spending lots of quality time together brainstorming about new product possibilities, ways to make PBwiki more useful to our users, and how to make PBwiki the obvious answer for your online collaborative needs. In addition to the longer-term strategic planning and such, we’ve alsoContinue reading “New feature for premium wikis: Accelerated access and search”

Statshot — PBwiki by the numbers

I’ve been running some internal stats on the various activity levels across the PBwiki landscape. This set of numbers breaks categories down by volume of activity rather than unique users. How much activity on private versus public wikis? Around 2/3 of our activity is on private wikis. Takeaway: Our users have found lots of usesContinue reading “Statshot — PBwiki by the numbers”