PDF export improvements coming along

Lots of people have requested an enhanced PDF export capability — our new team member Igor has been doing some great work adding features to this little gem of a feature. Top priorities for us are:

1) proper unicode support (for all those wacky citizens of the world)
2) proper handling of lists, especially nested lists
3) inlined images

I’ve done a first-pass integration of Igor’s improved code on our development servers, and have a screenshot to share. Expect to see more tweaking of the vertical spacing and formatting, with general availability in the next few weeks.

Screenshot of PDF improvements

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5 thoughts on “PDF export improvements coming along

  1. HI Igor,

    I guess you know, but just in case, I have noticed a problem with long text strings in table boxes not wrapping when using the “save a page as pdf” link at the bottom of the page of a standard pbwiki.

    It would be great if that were fixed.

    Mac OSX plus safari v2 is my setup.


  2. Igor,

    I’m using PBWiki for a class project here at MIT. I love this wiki as a way to coordinate tasks across a group that can’t always meet in person. This is definitely better than sending word document versions around via email.

    One concern I have, though, is that I don’t have a hard copy of my wiki anywhere. I understand that you are developing the export as PDF feature of the web page. would it also be possible to develop an “export site as PDF” feature?


  3. Robin,

    You can make a backup of the site in a handy-dandy .zip file if you’re so inclined. Just go to Settings, then click “Backup” under “Advanced Settings.” Free wiki users can grab a backup of the current revisions, while a premium user can get a full backup including all revisions.


  4. When will the PDF generator support the “whacky” unicode handling? Printouts with german umlauts definitely look whacky!

    And will the table layout cleverer?
    Currently it seems not the wrap within cells, which makes it useless for any non-trivial table – sth like htmldoc does a better job here.

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