Tip of the Week #4: More Plugins


Last week, we took an indepth look at the new plugins used by the Point-and-Click editor and how you could incorporate that same functionality if you wanted to stick with the WikiStyle editor. We saw that by adapting the code that was generated by the Point-and-Click editor, we could borrow many of the available plugins. This week, I’ve added a few more surprises to the mix, aiding your editing even more than before.

The tip took a little longer to prepare because of this: http://plugins.pbworks.com/. This new wiki takes all the info from last week and separates it from my personal wiki. That gives you both an easier URL to remember and the nifty ability to launch the entire wiki as a wikilet in a small window, so you can have it open while editing your own wiki. Click the link below to test drive that functionality!


Yes, I’m awesome I know. As you can see, there are two more plugins that I’ve adapted:

  1. Stock Charts: PBwiki uses Yahoo! Finance’s super-useful stock charts to give up-to-the-minute analysis of whatever stock information you need. It provides both daily charts and long term charts ranging from 3 months to 5 years. My adaptation of the plugin works just like the original, although it clarifies that the 1-day chart has to be small and all the others are larger.
  2. Gabbly Chat: No real change here, although this version allows you to specify pixel sizes directly rather than just the “small, medium, large” options.

Using this

If you’re using basically any modern browser other than IE (like Firefox), you can visit the wiki and make a Toolbar button that opens the little window. Then it’s really easy to copy code from the window to your editing window. If you’re using IE, you can either get the code directly from the page or lauch the wikilet from the link in the QuickStart menu.


So this was a little quick in terms of actually blogging, but hopefully the plugin hacks will be useful to you all. Since this has a limited appeal (classic editor users), expect the next entry pushed up to later tonite, when I discuss “Simple CSS for Everyone!”

-Jason Nguyen

One thought on “Tip of the Week #4: More Plugins

  1. Wonderful plug in, I’m considering to buy the eeednxtd version.However, I will need a good result/export page. It all worked perfectly, but now the server times out, everytime I hit the result/export tab. I know I must have around 1.000 submissions with 45 answers. And I can see this results in a lot of records. Is this causing a problem?kind regards,Paul

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