Some contradictory feedback

We just got these two pieces of feedback on our Point-and-Click editor within 25 minutes of each other:

oh pbwiki. just when i think you couldn’t make it any easier… there you go again. it is a beautiful editor and it couldn’t be simpler. thank you for your great work! i have started pbwikis for several of my jobs as a grad student and this new editor has only helped grow their popularity.

thanks again!

Yeah!!! And then this one:

I can’t stand it.

Hmm. Well, we do let you switch from the Point-and-Click editor to the Classic editor with just one click. Check the top-right corner of your page when you’re editing.


One thought on “Some contradictory feedback

  1. New editor is very good. New navigation system is a big help. Looking hard to find something I would change, it’s “You don’t have permission to comment on this page”. Sounds worse than the digital rights gang. Don’t know how I would re-phrase it but I’d think of something. However, I might be the only one who takes exception to it. I get a dialog informing me that a page has not been saved after it has been saved by pressing “save”. If I move away and come back to it, it has been saved. At first, I wondered if “save and continue” might mean “save and continue working elsewhere. Great wiki. I need only a small fraction of the services but I can see the progress constantly being made in many directions. Also, appreciate the additional space for free by your initiative. Thanks for that.

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