PBwiki Acquires Schtuff.com

Sweet! You may have heard it around, but we’re super happy to welcome Schtuff.com into the PBwiki family. (For you folks who think we’re recklessly splurging, we made the acquisition with customer revenue, not our newfound VC dollars.) This acquisition brings into the fold a million new wiki enthusiasts. We’re looking forward to working with the team from JanRain (who built Schtuff) to add OpenID support to PBwiki. Here’s to the wiki space! 🙂

Published by David Weekly

I like starting things. I founded PBworks (originally PBwiki) and am the cofounder of SuperHappyDevHouse and Hacker Dojo. I advise a dozen startups and am a mentor for Founders Institute, i/o Ventures, and Women 2.0.

7 thoughts on “PBwiki Acquires Schtuff.com

  1. Dear PBwiki staff,

    I’m maintaining a Wiki by Schtuff for a non profit association for our internal communication.

    How can I migrate it to PBwiki?

    It seems to be done before 6/1/07, right?

    Looking forward to join to your PBWiki

    best regards

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