PBwiki is now PBworks

The beginning Back in early 2005, I was helping a number of folks out by setting up private wiki installations on my servers. I got tired of setting each wiki up by hand and had a vision for a simple wiki service that people could set up themselves. In fact, I’d make it as easy to makeContinue reading “PBwiki is now PBworks”

David Weekly Speaks @ Tec de Monterrey

There are a lot of people, organizations, and governments that are interested in the innovative culture of Silicon Valley as well as PBwiki’s unique structure that focuses on hiring (and listening to) some of the brightest people in the world. We’ve hosted a delegation from the French government in our office, spoken to SwissCom, andContinue reading “David Weekly Speaks @ Tec de Monterrey”

Search 2.0: Now Better, Faster, Stronger

Mmm, dogfood. Here at PBwiki, we make use of our own product pretty extensively. And having used an internal PBwiki for some three years, we’ve accumulated a pretty large collection of material! This makes it ever more important that we be able to search it and find what we’re looking for. So we’ve dramatically overhauledContinue reading “Search 2.0: Now Better, Faster, Stronger”

Terms of Service: We Got Your Back

When I was putting together PBwiki’s Terms of Service a few years ago, I spent extra time with our lawyers to make sure that it was as pro-user as possible. The first few versions I got back weren’t good enough and I pressed them to make it shorter, simpler, and to put more rights inContinue reading “Terms of Service: We Got Your Back”